Maybe The Baboons Are Doing Us A Favor

The Drudge headline is:


A number of half-witted baboons murdered at least seven people, and injured at least 20 more.

We’ve seen this before, this telegraphing of intentions by deranged homicidal maniacs. Hitler did it with his Mein Kampf. The Communists did it with their Communist Manifesto.

It must be something in the deranged psychotic DNA that requires them to bleat to the world their plans to take it over. But there it is. They do it.

The gibbering Allah psychos are doing it too. They’re telling us — over and over and over and over and over and over and over again — what they’re planning.

Our problem is that in the west we have Democrats and other assorted pests. They still largely run the place, and they can’t hear the gibbering Allah psychos due to the howling vortex between their ears. At some point, though, one of these attacks is going to tip even them over the edge.

You have to understand, the American Left love the muslim baboons  because they think that economics trumps everything, and the baboons are Socialists just like the leftists. But they don’t understand that the baboons actually value their religion more than their economics. They’d just use Socialism to enforce their religious correctness society.

So, yes, one day, maybe, the gibbering muslim baboons will actually do an attack too far. Of course, for any sensible person, that happened a very long time ago.

— xPraetorius

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