It’s Time for Rhetorical Active Measures

Yesterday, we suggested that America’s political right-wing should begin what we labeled: “Rhetorical Active Measures.” Simply put, it’s adopting the tactics of the Left, stating that their use of those tactics makes them legitimate in this case, and turning them back on the Left, then letting go with both barrels; holding back nothing whatsoever.

They accuse someone on the Right of wanting to engage in Ethnic Cleansing (as some moron in Detroit did yesterday)? We accuse the accuser of molesting small farm animals. When they protest, smile innocently and say something like, “Well, you think it’s fair to lie about us, so we can just go ahead and do the same to you! Surely you can’t have any problem with that! By the way, when did you stop taking pictures up girls’ skirts on the subway, and what did you do with those pictures? Maybe we should call the police…” Smile sweetly again.

That kind of thing.

We should do it because that’s precisely what the Left have been doing to us for decades. We’ve all heard all the name-calling and accusations: Nazi, fascist, racist, sexist, homophobe, we hate women, children, minorities, poor people… we on the Right are nothing more — if you believe the Left — than seething balls of hatred, lust, malevolence, and evil. According to the half-wits on the Left, we on the Right want everyone except rich, white heterosexuals to just… die!

Since you and I know that none of what the Left say is even remotely close to the truth, we can turn the tables on them and demonstrate the ridiculousness, and the illegitimacy of their tactics. Then, maybe, just maybe, they’ll stop it. After all, we are one thing: a lot smarter than they are. When they realize they’re overmatched in the intellect department — which they know deep-down already, and which they tacitly admit by their fascistic tactics on college campuses — then, maybe they’ll cut it out.

Remember, the Left have been doing what I’ve named Rhetorical Active Measures to us for a very, very long time. There’s no reason we should hold back on returning the favor.

However, the primary reason we should start to do this now is because the Left have ramped it up. They’re now engaged in what many have called over the years: “Active Measures.” Active Measures are physical acts of violence and intimidation meant to do more than simply stop arguments. They’re meant to harm the opponents in very real ways. We see the Left’s Active Measures on college campuses, in academia, in Hollywood, corporate America (remember Brendan Eich?), the media, in pop culture and elsewhere, all across America.

Remember what we’ve said in these pages numerous times: The new fascists will come waving the banner of anti-fascism.

The new fascists are here — they’re America’s leftists — and they’re not going away until either they win, or we make them go away.

— xPraetorius


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