About Kathy Griffin: I Have An Idea — RHETORICAL ACTIVE MEASURES

As you know, in a publicly-released photograph, comedienne Kathy Griffin held up what looked like the severed head of President Trump. It was a sick, disgusting, deeply stupid thing to do.

What did we Conservatives do? We did the usual: we stated the truth. We stated the obvious. We said things like: “Can you imagine if a Conservative had held up what looked like the severed head of Barack Obama? he’d never work again.”

Yep. It’s all true. But it’s not enough. It’s the same whining we’ve been doing for decades. And all that’s happened as a result is the continued, steady advance of the Left through our culture, our society, our families and our lives.

So, here’s what we should do, starting now: Rhetorical Active Measures

Every time some half-witted clodpole like Kathy Griffin does a stupid, sick thing like what she did, then prominent Conservatives should immediately say something like, “Well-known leftist Kathy Griffin has just made it clear that it’s okay to do this.” Then he should hold up what could pass for the obviously fake severed head of someone like Barack Obama. Or Tom Perez. Or Steny Hoyer. Or George Soros. Or any other prominent leftist moron. Trust me there are plenty; you won’t have to look too far.Blur out the image sufficiently to make it hard to see who it is, but make it clear that it’s some prominent leftist with the follow-on conversation.

When, some moron on the Left calls Melania Trump some ugly name, prominent Conservatives should immediately say, “Well, so-and-so just called Melania Trump a [fill in slur]; that must mean that it’s okay for us to call Nancy Pelosi a [fill in same slur].” Then, the prominent Conservative should immediately launch a discussion on just how Nancy Pelosi is a [fill in slur].

It’s really long, long past the time when we Conservatives should have embarked on a campaign of, let’s call them, Rhetorical Active Measures.

As soon as some leftist does or says something outrageous, we on the Right should immediately say something to the effect of: “Well, they’ve said this is okay, and so we’re going to do the very same thing that they’ve just given us permission to do.”  Then we should do it. Gleefully, loudly, ostentatiously. We should call press outlets, and say, “The Left told us it’s okay to do this, so we’re going to do it.”

If a leftist calls someone a fascist, then we should immediately and gleefully call the person a child molester. When they protest, we should say, “Wait, wait, the Left told us it’s okay to lie about those we disagree with, so I’m going to do that about [fill in name]. He’s a child molester!” Then we should laugh and laugh and laugh.

If a leftist calls someone a racist, we should immediately and cheerfully call the same person a perverted subway flasher and up-skirt photographer. Then when he protests, say simply, “You called [fill in name] a racist, so you made it okay for me to lie about you, and to pretend I know what’s in your mind. I’m just taking your example and running with it. So, what do you do with all those up-skirt pictures you take on subways? Are they on your hoe computer? Should I call the police? By the way, are you still groping small boys when you think nobody’s looking?” Then we should smile innocently, wait a moment, and repeat the last two questions.

Always make it clear that (1) they made it okay to slander/lie/fabricate things, so (2) we’re going to do the same thing. Then, when you do the exact same thing as the leftist, you’ve made it clear that you don’t actually mean its. However, they will know that just the accusation flying around, even with a total disclaimer, can be very damaging. They’ve taken advantage of that knowledge for a very long time. However, when we punch back rhetorically, they will fold, because they’re soft, stupid and weak.

It’s time for us to take Rhetorical Active Measures.

— xPraetorius


9 thoughts on “About Kathy Griffin: I Have An Idea — RHETORICAL ACTIVE MEASURES

  1. I don’t agree with the tit-for-tat but I think it’s a reasonable option. However, at the very least we ought to be making darn sure that Kathy Griffin’s pic becomes THE identifying image of the left. We ought to repost and position it so that when people think of the lefties, they have that image in their mind. We cannot allow them to distance themselves from it. It’s who they really are.

  2. Hi, MB! You are, of course, absolutely correct. And your disagreement carries a lot of weight with me.

    This that you said is on the nose:

    …we ought to be making darn sure that Kathy Griffin’s pic becomes THE identifying image of the left. We ought to repost and position it so that when people think of the lefties, they have that image in their mind. We cannot allow them to distance themselves from it. It’s who they really are.

    I see that you, like me, are trying to see what we can do to replace Sitting-Back-Always-Taking-The-High-Road-And-Hoping-The-American-People-Will-See-Our-Nobility-And-Finally-Come-To-Their-Senses with an actual strategy in response, and some actual actions.

    I, too, have hoped for the same thing for a very long time, and my mantra for decades was: We must never stoop to their level.

    The problem is that we’ve been bringing a knife to a rhetorical gun fight for decades, and as a result, we’ve been losing the real fight… the fight for the hearts and minds of the American people.

    To lose the hearts and minds of the American people — from a socio-political/geopolitical standpoint — is to lose the world. In the secular world, it’s the only thing that absolutely, under no circumstances, can be lost. If that’s lost, then the inevitable result is a new Dark Ages.

    From the non-secular viewpoint, I say: “His will be done,” and the belief behind that always brings great comfort and peace.

    However, I think that He also wants us to resist the ugliness of the Left, and their full-court press to subjugate, oppress and own the world’s peoples.

    Since they — the Left — always bring the guns to the rhetorical knife-fight, my point is that we’ve disarmed ourselves for far, far too long. We’re smarter than they are. We own the issues and their solutions. We do not own the hearts and minds of the American people… and I think, we need to. If we try, we will.

    For far, far too long, we’ve ceded — again in the geopolitical/socio-political sense — the only territory that we absolutely needed to keep: the hearts and minds of the American people.

    We have to stop that. If we play the same game as the Left, we’ll win it… largely because — as Kathy Griffin amply demonstrated — they’re morons.

    More to the point, when faced with people who understand, who know what they’re doing, and who aren’t afraid to face them on their own turf, the Left always back down.

    Let’s face it, the Left are the intellectual Little League.

    I’m a former Major League baseball player, so I understand the analogy. Others might understand Barack Obama’s image better: The Left are the intellectual JV. This is actually a tad too charitable toward them.

    They have the ideas that people throughout history, and certainly in recent times, have overwhelmingly rejected, because they’re sheer nitwittery; the stuff that an average middle-school poli-sci/economics teacher would recognize as half-witted codswallop.

    In speaking of the image of Kathy Griffin, you said: “We cannot allow them to distance themselves from it.” In this you are completely on the nose. The problem is that for decades we have allowed them to distance themselves from problems and positions of theirs, that have brought real harm to real people on a terrible scale.

    Think, for example, of American cities. How in the world have we on the Right allowed them to get away with the destruction of the cities that they’ve owned for six decades or more?!? You and I both know the answer: Good men did nothing. Tens of millions of lives have been harmed, and tens of thousands have been ended prematurely — by the policies of the Left in the cities that they’ve owned forever.

    Yes, they’ve owned the cities, but we’re also at fault. When they did nothing but play dirty, we did nothing but play clean, and we hoped that the American people would appreciate our goodness and decency. Some did, but most didn’t because they believed the American media were reporting honestly to them.

    All this was no excuse for us, though. We were afraid. Afraid of the accusations of racism. Or sexism. Or homophobia. You know the tired, fraudulent litany. That’s still not an excuse.

    Now, though, we good men need to stop doing nothing, and do something. I’m proposing that we good men holster up — rhetorically speaking, of course — and go to that rhetorical knife fight, fully understanding that the Left will fight dirty, and that we take ’em down anyway, with the same armaments that we know they will bring.

    It shouldn’t be difficult, they’re half-wits.

    It’s why they bring the gun to the rhetorical knife fight — because they know that if they were to duke it out in a fair fight, their thinking wouldn’t get past 10 seconds into the first round. So, to continue the analogy, they bring the guns to the rhetorical knife fight, demonstrating that their thinking is codswallop, then accuse us of being unfair and of bringing the gun to the knife fight… an accusation that their puppets in the media then report as “news.”

    How often have we seen this play out? We need to stop it. I’m open to other suggestions as to how to stop it, but stop it we must.


    — x

    1. I missed the notice of your comment all day while at a wedding..now it’s late. I want to give your thoughtful reply a thoughtful response, but I’ll have to tackle it tomorrow. Not that I’ve got any answers…

    1. I guess I come down to wanting people to understand truth, through all the relentless and almost insurmountable confirmation bias they are addicted to. I want so much for people to understand that they are being used–ruthlessly and without conscience.
      How to make that happen?
      People don’t even want the truth, they don’t think there is truth (except their own pet “truths” which are the only objective and immutable ones). “My truth is gospel; your truth is crap and I hate you for believing it.”

      It is the truth that the opportunistic, conscience-free leftist change agent Marxists respect no limits or moral center in their quest for power. That they use the uninformed but lately activist followers ruthlessly. Both parties are responsible for their actions. They are also morons. I agree. It’s by choice. There is no price too high to pay for the power they crave.

      I want there to be a way to reveal the truth without bringing the level of discourse down to the hellish level in which the leftists thrive. I’m not sure what it is. As long as the people desire to buy into narratives which confirm their own personal “goodness”(according to their masters-such as believing I’m a more compassionate person because I favor a woman’s right to reproductive freedom) AT THE EXPENSE OF TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS, they are hard to persuade. It’s hard for them to see past their self-virtue signal; nothing else matters.

      We ought to keep a level up here where it’s at least possible to think…and discuss…and persuade. We can’t let the whole exchange completely degenerate.
      Some of us do own the truth, and you put your finger on the reason why some on the right act like they’re embarrassed by it: fear. It’s inexcusable.

      So we need to boldly and fearlessly state the obvious. Relentlessly.
      This is what I was working on–I’ll just post it here:

      I wasn’t going to comment on the Kathy Griffin thing but I’ve been thinking about it and here are two points.
      I do think that she was hedging her bets in case it didn’t go over well. She could always say, “Just kidding!” But I don’t think Griffin intended the picture to be funny.

      A joke is funny by juxtaposing two things in a new way which causes the hearers to make new connections which are improbable. How is this a joke? I can only conclude that she was serious.  She had her picture taken–on purpose–holding a facsimile of the POTUS’ severed head. I’m not able to follow.

      I think we can all agree now that she has certainly proven herself to be the least funny
      person on the planet but I do not understand how even she thought that this picture was funny. Or was it simply an outrageously sad, desperate plea for relevance?
      And now we see that Ms. Griffin still doesn’t understand what she did; she believes that she is qualified to lecture her victim, and all of us, about right thinking and its glorious attendant behavior.

      We need to understand that Kathy Griffin is the poster boy for today’s liberalism, for Hollywood, for the media elite, for the moveon.orgs and all their clones. She is not an outlier. She is the face of modern liberalism.
      Then we need to help liberals understand it.
      And we must not allow them to distance themselves from it, to distinguish themselves
      from it, or to forget it. This picture must become the identifying image of  radical leftism.
      I’m lacking compassion? Here’s your standard. (Griffin with Trump head)
      I’m a hater? Here’s your answer to hate. (Griffin with Trump head)
      I’m a fascist? Here’s your better system. (Griffin with Trump head)
      My faith is harmful? Here’s what your faith looks like. (Griffin with Trump head)
      I’m a political knuckle-dragger? Here’s your level of discourse. (Griffin with Trump head)
      You think that this person (Griffin with Trump head)  is qualified to teach us about compassionate and just behavior.
      Because maybe if they see the destination at the end of their quest, they will become as disgusted as we are and turn back. I don’t hate liberal-thinking people; I’m angry for them. I’m angered at the forces which use my liberal friends, and hide behind benevolent masks when this is their real face:
      (Griffin with Trump head)

      1. MB — this is brilliant. I think you’re saying roughly the same thing I am, except that you’re putting a mirror up to them as you ask your rhetorical questions.

        This section of yours is on the nose:

        I’m lacking compassion? Here’s your standard. (Griffin with Trump head)
        • I’m a hater? Here’s your answer to hate. (Griffin with Trump head)
        • I’m a fascist? Here’s your better system. (Griffin with Trump head)
        • My faith is harmful? Here’s what your faith looks like. (Griffin with Trump head)
        • I’m a political knuckle-dragger? Here’s your level of discourse. (Griffin with Trump head)
        • You think that this person (Griffin with Trump head) is qualified to teach us about compassionate and just behavior.

        To your original point: Yours is not “tit-for-tat,” but it is a use of their tactics against them. I think that we may be disagreeing about differences without real distinctions. I agree with your idea completely, but I’m also reluctant to make such an image commonplace. Perhaps if one were to Photoshop out the faked severed head, that might be better for people to see.

        As to my tactics — getting into the gutter with them — I agree with you. It’s a bit like the Dresden firebombings, or the Hiroshima atomic bomb. And, between you and me, I’m still not entirely sure how I come down on those two acts. If forced to vote up or down today, I’d vote up, but not without serious misgivings. And, frankly, I think that no one should ever approach the prospect of unleashing death on a massive scale without serious misgivings. It’s why I could never be the President.

        I do realize that what I’m advocating is a kind of a rhetorical Dresden firebombing, and that gave me great pause before recommending it. However, like cauterization, I think it must be done to stop the moral and ethical bleeding in the country. Cauterization is painful and… sometimes necessary. I’m proposing rhetorical cauterization. Rhetorical scorched earth.

        I’m not proposing that we lie about it. I’m suggesting that we say straight up, something like this: “You (leftists) have demonstrated amply that you approve of lying about us, so we’re going to lie about you. We’ll call it, say, ‘Project Turnabout.’ You’re a child molester. You do perverted things with small farm animals.”

        Then, on other Conservative talk shows — say a Hannity or a Rush Limbaugh — should simply, again, say something like, “In support of Project Turnabout, recent pronouncements prove that Nancy Pelosi is actually a racist.”

        The Left know full well that the public will very soon forget what “Project Turnabout” — or whatever they call it — was announced up-front to be dishonest and fraudulent, and that the scurrilous accusations will remain behind.

        Something like that. Then, we can be creative. And we can tell the truth along with it all! For instance: “The Democrats have owned the cities — lock, stock and barrel — for decades, and they’ve become killing fields for black Americans. The Democrats are racists. The worst kind of racists… racists who don’t care whether black Americans die, just as long as they vote Democrat. Our correspondent from Project Turnabout has turned in a report on Chicago (or Baltimore, or Detroit, or, or, or…) where the black-on-black murder rate is through the roof. What’s the common thread? Simple: each city is a wholly owned property of the Democrat Party, and has been for more than half a century. What has America done about these obviously racist leaders who are killing black Americans?”

        The “report” above is all true. It’s just plainer language than we on the Right are used to using. Furthermore, the “Rhetorical Active Measures” that I’m proposing
        are really nothing more than a way to get to some very distasteful truths that we Conservatives have not wanted to voice.” We need to voice them.

        Your idea of making Kathy Griffin the poster child for the debased Left is a great idea, and I think that we should all run and run and run and run and run and run with it. I also think that we need stop pulling our rhetorical punches. The Left are racists… we’ve documented it thoroughly in these pages. The Left are hurting women (and men, and children) with their pro-death stance. The left are anti-gay with their encouragement of a lifestyle that kills them. The Left are the enemies of the poor, with their programs and initiatives that simply pay them to remain poor. The Left are anti-people, now that they’ve embraced eugenics and euthanasia. The Left are the movement of despair, poverty, tyranny and… death. We need to call them on these things. We can demonstrate it; we need to do so, and then do so again… over and over and over and over again.

        And we’re starting to do it. If you watch Tucker Carlson, he’s beginning to take off the gloves. He’s way smarter than the lefties he invites on his show to debate him, but he’s also way nicer and more polite, and he too frequently allows the lefty guests to talk over him and simply get all their talking points out without rebuttal. As he settles into his new role at FOX, he’s acquiescing less and less now, and really walloped a terrorism apologist last night.

        We’re ever so slowly waking up on the right, and I think that we ,b>will end up doing what I’m proposing, as well as what you’re proposing. MB, we’re so far down the road of a degraded public discourse, that I see no other recourse at this point, except to counter the slanderous fire with our own slanderous fire. The difference is that I propose announcing that we’re going to do it, because they do it, and that when they stop, we’ll stop as well. But, we also need to let these morons know that we’re fed up, and we’re not going to take it sitting down anymore.

        Yes, we are smarter than they are, and yes we are better, more patriotic Americans than they are… but, we must through all this remain better people than they are, and I recognize that. I further recognize that in stooping to their tactics, we risk that status. So did the bombers of Dresden, and the crew of the Enola Gay, but today we recognize, with profound sadness, that the acts committed by these people did shorten the duration of the war, and, most importantly, their acts did help to bring about the desired outcome of the war.

        If we don’t get the correct outcome in our current culture war, then Heaven help us. The Left will implement a ferocious tyranny in America, and that will be the beginning of the Dark Ages for the world.


        — x

        1. Eloquently said, and I agree and agree. But all we really have to do is to actually start telling the truth—the truth of what they do, say, and believe is so outrageously ugly and repugnant that I don’t think we even have to resort to lying….I cannot conceive HOW my lib friends still think they themselves are morally superior people when they are truly hitching their cabooses to the Ethos of Death Death Death. Not looking in the mirror while using solely the tactics of hate and anger and division and marginalization of other human beings.
          It’s what I’ve tried to say on my blog over and over–look at what you support when you champion abortion.
          We do have to be drastic and scorch the earth, there’s nothing else for it.

  3. Well said, MB! I’m in total agreement with your assertion that we need to start telling the truth, no matter how stark it is. Things like my example on the cities, and what abortion does — in real life — to women, to children, and, yes, to men. (They’re men’s children too… a fact that we’ve brought up here, but that no one of any prominence takes seriously.)

    Thanks to your intelligent, rational argumentation, I need to re-think my advocacy of Rhetorical Active Measures, and of how they should take shape.

    I do think that we need to be much more forceful and direct with our language. The Left haven’t been pulling their punches for decades, and we’ve always simply allowed the punch to land, uncountered, unparried, thinking that our noble self-sacrifice will be a shining example to all Americans. And it was a noble example… the American people simply never saw it, or recognized it for what it was, because it was drowned out by the ubiquitous left-wing white noise of society.

    As we’ve said many times in these pages: (quoting Lady Thatcher) “The facts of life are Conservative… (then, our addendum) but society’s white noise is leftist.”

    We have, I think, to cut through the leftist propaganda white noise, and counter it with our own reality-based, substantive, hard-hitting, no-holds-barred truths.

    I still think we need to implement something that could accurately be called Rhetorical Active Measures, and if not with counter-punching of the same kind as the Left do to us, then with what? I’m not sure now, but I’ll do as I always do and ponder it extensively. 🙂


    — x

    1. We do need to be bold and honest. Of course for those who speak there will be consequences. Better if there are many!
      You ponder for us–and let us know what you come up with! 🙂

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