NPR Watch (5/23/17) – Such Stupid Questions!

I was listening to National Public Radio on the way home from work yesterday, when the host, Ari Shapiro, was interviewing some expert or other about the recent atrocity in Manchester, England following the Ariana Grande concert. The bomber was one Salman Abedi, an islamist (surprise!) dirtbag who was, as Shapiro said, “Already on the anti-terrorism forces’ radar screen.”

Shapiro posed  this question to the expert, “The bomber was on the police’s radar, yet this still happened. What do you make of that?”

Yep. That was his question. Shapiro, who flounces annoyingly girlishly through everything he does on NPR anyway, asked the question incredulously, as if to say, “Can you believe it? How could this have happened? I mean the police were aware of him and of his potentially violent tendencies!”


Just how slack-jawed, droolingly, vacant-eyed, stoooooopid is the question?

Well, we live in the west. Unlike most places in the world, when you are merely “on the police’s radar screen,” you still get to walk around in the world and keep on with your day-to-day life. In other places of the world — notably places where people of a like mind as young Abedi had, rule the roost — as soon as you appear on the police’s radar screen, that generally ends your ability to continue with your day-to-day life. Sometimes it ends your life

Here in the west, however, you still have to do more than just “appear on the police’s radar screen,” in order to be deprived of liberty or life. That simple fact means that we in the west allow gibbering baboons like Salman Abedi to get away with considerably more before we lock him up than almost all other regions of the world would allow. This means that we don’t always catch the murderous baboon before it’s too late. In the west, though, you still get to be a gibbering baboon with murderous fantasies all you want.

All of this is common knowledge. No one in the west does not know it, even morons like Ari Shapiro. It’s what allows people on college campuses to go out and smash windows and burn cars, merely because someone is planning to speak there and say things you disagree with, and all with the sure knowledge that there will be no repercussions whatsoever from the government.

It’s called freedom, and not a lot of people around the world have any real personal experience with it. We do, here in the west.

This simply goes to show that the on-air people whom many consider to be smart, articulate, informed purveyors of information, are little more than good readers. How does such a crashingly stupid question escape the lips of anyone on a so-called news organization? Simple: the on-air people are mere performers — basically trained chimps — and the copy writers, analysts and behind-the-scenes personnel who prepare the chimps’ scripts are… idiots. These are the people behind your “news.”

NPR is considered, by the Left at least, the crême do la crême of news organizations. Well, for the Left, I guess they probably are. Never forget: you always come out of any NPR “news” program less informed than you go in. If, that is, you actually consider it news.

— xPraetorius




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