Stop, Please, With the Nonsensical Idea that Liberals Were Once Supporters of Free Speech

I just heard someone on the television say, shaking his head sadly, “Liberals used to be all about free speech.”

Can we, please, put that ridiculous notion to rest?

Liberals — more properly known as the American Left — were never remotely defenders of free speech. Oh, they always said they were, but the Left’s principal tactic is: Lying. They do it through misdirection, diversion, fabrication, hoaxes, and just flat-out lying.

The “Liberals Used to Love Free Speech” fiction is a combination of all those things.

It all came about as radical leftists took over college campuses all over the country in the 1960’s. Their rallying cry: Freedom! Liberation! Power to the people! And: Free speech! All while ensuring that they were the only ones doing the speaking.

They were demonstrating, and sitting-in, and rioting, and engaging in all manner of thuggery, in support of International Communism, the ideology/theology whose principal characteristic is… the systematic, comprehensive suppression of free speech. As well as the thorough elimination of freedom, liberation and, of course, any power the people might have.

George Washington said, “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

See if you can think of who is trying to deny to others the ability to express themselves freely in America today. Who, the American Left or the Right, do you think is more likely to put in place a system in which people are “led, like sheep to the slaughter?” It’s not a trick question.

Like international Communists, the American Left are all about freedom of their speech… but not for anyone else. It has always been this way. The Left’s constant caterwauling about “free speech” is really designed to fool everyone into thinking they’re in favor of actual free speech. They’re not.

If your speech might contradict theirs, or if your speech might oppose theirs, then they do not want you to speak, and they will shout you down, or prevent you from speaking, or riot to get your speech cancelled, or… kill you. 

In the Twentieth Century, the international Left murdered more than 120 million people in their quest to acquire and keep power. Every last one of those murder victims was suspected of having thoughts that might dissent from those of the ruling élites of world Communism. And, it was thought, they might say those thoughts. The leftist élites couldn’t have that, so they were very much anti-free speech.

The American campus radical leftists of the ’60’s were the ideological and spiritual heirs of the mass-murdering International Left. The campus radical leftists of today — the selfsame ones squashing free speech everywhere — are the ideological and spiritual  heirs of those campus radicals of the ’60’s.

American liberals — the Left — are not about free speech, and they never were. And they were the ones who raised and indoctrinated the very same leftist goons denying free speech in America today. Someone once said something like, “Freedom of speech either is, or it is not. There is no middle ground.” The Left’s vision of free speech… is not, and never was.

— xPraetorius

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