Random Thoughts

  • What complete moron decided to dress up the oldest, hoariest, most loathed ideas and thinking in history — heavy-handed, oppressive, power-mad government — in pretty words like “social justice,” and “liberation” and “people’s” and “popular,” and pretend it’s all something new, and represents progress?
  • What inspired genius decided to dress up the oldest, hoariest, most loathed ideas and thinking in history — heavy-handed, oppressive, power-mad, government — in pretty words like “social justice,” and “liberation” and “people’s” and “popular,” and pretend it’s all something new, and represents progress?
  • Progress… yeah, right! Peasants, serfs, slaves, beggars, paupers, the dirt-poor, the impoverished, the downtrodden, oppressed, landless, the dispossessed, the destitute, the penniless, wiped-out, ruined, down-and-out and exhausted of the world have for millennia been immiserated by, and have reproached, the rich and powerful for the very same thing that the Left are suggesting is the best, newest, freshest, most wonderful thing in the world. Either the Left are complete, blithering, slack-jawed, drooling, NPR-listening, halfwits… or they’re incandescent geniuses. Either way, they’re also unprincipled, heartless dastards.
  • I applaud the childishly hard-nosed and resolute determination of astonishingly mediocre people like Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Dick Durbin, the long-brain-dead (and finally departed) Harry Reid and other riff-raff, to retain their death grip on power. All have “presided” in their party over defeat after defeat after defeat after defeat for their party. And all hung on until they departed voluntarily. In doing so, they guaranteed that the Democrat Party would have no bench. The people underneath them realized that the old fossils were going nowhere and gave up. That left even greater mediocrities like Keith Ellison, Chuck Schumer and, yep, Maxine Waters as the voices and faces of the most reactionary political party the country has ever seen, the Democrats.
  • No prominent Democrats liked former FBI Director James Comey… until, that is, Trump fired him. Since then, not a single, solitary Democrat has a single, solitary negative word to say about Comey.
  • The American Right cannot win the power struggle in the United States. The Right have an ideology that can be described as a series of principles such as: “limited government,” “personal responsibility,” “individual freedoms.” The Left have an ideology that can be summed up in a simple phrase: “the acquisition and retention of power.” If the Left thought that being pro-life would bring them power in some way, then they would be calling abortion the worst human-rights violation since slavery.
  • Greg Gutfeld is one of the smartest political prognosticators in America today. He’s rude, crude, sharp, witty and irreverent. He’s also clever, creative, glib and widely knowledgeable. He’s a minor performer on FOX News, but he’ll be a major performer somewhere soon enough.
  • The recent ransomware attack underscores the desperate need for understanding of things like air-gapping, the dangers of wireless, high-tech, cyber-disaster preparedness, backup and restore. All these things are extremely, hideously, poorly understood in America, which is why the cyber-attack was so devastating.
  • Pursuant to the above, the reporting on the Russia cyber-meddling is chock full of the above-mentioned ignorance. For example, a good hacker — of which there are millions around the world — could easily hack into the Podesta/Clinton/DNC computers and make it seem as if the Russians had done it. Easily. The structure of the internet is such that there simply exists no conclusive evidence that the Russians were even involved in it at all. Every hacker worth his salt can hide his identity behind fake IP’s, false ID’s, re-directs, diversions, hops and a thousand other high- and low-tech anonymity guarantors. To find the perpetrators of this crime, investigators will have to depend on a lot of good, ol’-fashioned detective work that doesn’t involve computers.
  • As you know, I’m no fan of President Trump, but here’s a simple observation: Donald Trump could say tomorrow that he considers Russia to be the major threat to peace in the world, and the Left would — instantly — be Russia’s greatest boosters in America.
  • I’m struck at the difference between two commencement speeches: The first, given last weekend at UConn, came from a highly-accomplished, brilliant scientist who had done some really important work in the realm of human genetics. The speaker spent about a minute and a half on the really interesting work that he and his team had done. Then he went on a 10-12 minute irrational, paranoid, left-wing political rant. Not a single, solitary moment of, “Hey! Maybe you too can do what we did with the human genome!” I thought I was listening to the late, unlamented Tom Hayden! This guy was a brilliant, highly-educated, accomplished, credentialed, admired… idiot. Worst, stupidest commencement speech I’ve ever heard… and I’ve heard, and delivered, more than a few commencement speeches. My daughter’s graduating class was cheated on their graduation day. The second speech is the commencement speech given by President Trump at Liberty University just a few moments ago. A good speech, a serviceable speech, written with the idea that the graduates are actually looking at the future with an idea to doing and accomplishing things. He’s doing the usual Trump riffing… on and off text, and it works. He’s no orator, he’s a talker, and it kind of works for him. He finished off the speech quite well. It wasn’t a great speech, but it was a darned good one, with some of the usual platitudes and such. Years from now, though, the Liberty graduates will be able to say, “The President of the United States spoke at my graduation, and he gave a good speech,” while my daughter will be able to say only, “A highly-educated idiot spoke at my graduation, and he delivered exactly the speech you’d expect an idiot to deliver.”

— xPraetorius

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