Progressive? Nope… Laughably, Pathetically… Reactionary

Remember: the Left’s vision — the so-called Progressives’ vision —  a world in which everyone is “equal,” and the benevolent state takes care of everything for you, is a throwback to old, discredited… nightmare times called: feudalism.

In feudal times, everyone was equal too… except, that is, for the lord and the several hundred or so people who made up his entourage. These were the lord’s vassals and those in his court competing for his attention and favors.

The lord dished out favors to his entourage as he saw fit.

And the lord took things from his entourage as he saw fit, too. Because, as the expression goes:

“A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.”

In feudal times, the lord was the government that was… “big enough.”

And so it went. In feudal times, if you pleased the lord, you got the favors. But, if you displeased the lord, who knew what form that displeasure might take…

You and I, though, the common ruck… we lived on the lands controlled by the vassals, the ones competing for the favors and the crumbs from the table of the lord.

If our vassal blew it, we got the shaft. Because, you see, for us, the common ruck, the vassal was the government that was “big enough.” We were fortunate if we got a good vassal. Screwed if we didn’t.

Most times that was nothing more than an accident of birth.

But, hooray! we were all equal! Right? I mean, Equality! Woo hoo! Am I right?!?

Okay… maybe not.

Let’s summarize what the Left is all about. Easy: centralized power.

Centralized power. The one thing that the Left wants to bring here to America. Centralized power. The thing that allows one human being to oppress thousands, millions, hundreds of millions of other human beings. Centralized Power. The thing that makes a government… big enough. Concentrated, centralized, focused… Lord –> Vassal –> Common Ruck… power.

Big, heavy-handed, bureaucratic, stifling, stultifying centralized power is the very definition of … “reactionary.” Of “primitive.” Of “throwback to a much darker time.”

Equality ain’t even close to what it’s cracked up to being. Real equality is serfdom, feudalism, slavery. Real equality is what the Left want to impose on all of us. Real equality, in which as serfs or slaves, we’re all “equal.” Except, that is, for the Left, who see themselves as our overlords.

Give me personal, individual liberty any day… Give me the ability, the freedom, to poke my finger in the eye of central power… any day.


Don’t forget that other expression:

The sh#t rolls downhill.

It’s an interesting, if vulgar, expression. But, there’s a lot to it. It means, of course, that if the higher-ups are having problems, then the “lower-downs” experience those same problems, but in different ways, all of which lead to greater stress and less happiness in their lives.

To continue the vulgarity a bit: the ones who control the sh#t… control our lives. These are the real reactionaries. The real throwbacks. The Left wants — desperately — to control our sh#t

Just as the lords and vassals did many centuries ago, the Left want to control our sh#t.

We need to control our own sh#t. That’s an actually progressive idea.

— xPraetorius

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