Is President Trump a Radical? An Extremist?

Bottom Line: Far from being new, the collectivist ideas of the Left have been around forever. They’re nothing more than the old hereditary monarchies and serfdom, wrapped in pretty words. From that perspective, ideas supporting democracy and limited government are, indeed, radical and extremist. Is Trump a radical? Let’s hope so.

So, is President Trump a radical? An extremist? Like everyone on the Left and all the dominant media say?

Answer: Easy… yes and no.

From the far, far, far left, a moderate, squishy, milquetoast of a centrist looks like a flame-breathing radical rightist. So, yes, Trump is a radical from the perspective of the radical hard-leftist leadership of the Democrat Party.

Don’t forget a simple truth: to a radical, everyone else looks like a radical… It’s perfectly natural that the leadership of the Democrat Party would call anyone to the right of them “extremist” and “radical.” They might even believe it, though the dishonesty and corruption of the Democrat Party have been extensively documented in these pages.

Looked at this way, Trump is definitely a radical and an extremist.

Let’s look at it another way.

We said also in these pages that despite the fog of name-calling and accusations flooding over Trump and over Republicans, Barack Obama was much more radical — on the left side — than Trump ever remotely even thought of being. Trump is a well-known centrist squish. No one really disputes that.

But, if Trump unravels what the radical leftist Obama implemented, then, indeed, he will have to do radical things. If you have a bad cancer, you need radical treatment. Is your oncologist a radical? Well, yes and no. You know him as a nice guy who’s trying to save your life. Radical? Extremist? Of course not! And… of course yes! All at the same time.

No one would accuse Dwight Eisenhower of having been a radical, yet he re-conquered Western Europe after the radical Hitler had subjugated it. Eisenhower helped plan the fire-bombing of Dresden and of Hamburg. Pretty radical stuff from a mild-mannered, bland, centrist Kansan!

Here’s another important truth: It requires a radical to dismantle the radical. It requires an extremist to dismantle the extreme.

Or, put another way: It’s impossible for a squishy moderate to fix things that are very badly wrong.

It’ll require a radical, an extremist, to unravel the vast mountain of radically bad sludge that Obama left behind. It’ll require genuinely radical talk, ideas and action to counter the wave of hard-leftist extremist putrefaction coming from America’s political Left. In that context, yes, common sense, logic, clear-eyed thinking surely appear radical.

Because they are radical.

Remember: far from being edgy, fresh, new or “radical,” the collectivist, centralizing ideas of the Left have been around forever. They’re nothing more than the old hereditary monarchies and dictatorships, feudalism and serfdom, all wrapped up in modern, pretty, words like “progress” and “progressive,” like “justice,” “liberation” and “social justice.” From that perspective, yes, ideas supporting individual freedoms, liberties, free speech, democracy, limited government, are, indeed, radical and extremist.

Is Trump a radical? Is he an extremist? Let’s hope so.

— xPraetorius

One thought on “Is President Trump a Radical? An Extremist?

  1. I hope Trump’s a radical too but I fear he is just a wheeler and dealer who puts “winning” above principle. Since he doesn’t have loyalty to a particular political philosophy it leads me to believe that he will sway more towards cutting awful deals with Dems just to notch up some wins. I hope I’m wrong but this latest budget he recently signed does not leave me hopeful.

    Tom Perez is an absolute political radical, through and through.

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