REAL Supremacy Is … Recourse

Want to know who has “supremacy?” It’s simple — identify who in your society has one thing: recourse.

If your “group” doesn’t have that wonderful thing, then your group has nothing resembling “supremacy” in the country in which you live.

Think of your HR department at your workplace. Imagine if you, a white dude, were to try to petition your HR director for redress against some kind of discrimination — against any kind of discrimination. Kind of a laughable idea, right? In other words… no recourse.

No recourse… anywhere. Imagine you’re a white dude trying to bring a complaint for discrimination — any kind of discrimination — to the courts in America. To a university. To your town government. To some arbitration board somewhere. Still just as laughable, isn’t it? No recourse.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about it. We white dudes are the only ones that American society treats like actual adults. I’ll take the obvious discrimination — any day — over the infantilization of contemporary American public policy toward black Americans, gays, women, Hispanics, muslims, or any other of the groups comprising the vast, sprawling American Grievance Empire.

All members of the AGE have… vast, varied, effective and, as anyone who’s paid any attention at all for the past 40 years or so knows, really intimidating… recourse.

No recourse, no supremacy. Heck, without recourse, it’s hard to argue that a given group even has a great deal of power. In point of rather pointed fact, without precious recourse in a society, a group has nothing even resembling “supremacy.”

— xPraetorius





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