The Left’s Fraud, Summarized

The fraud of the American left can be summed up in one word: Language.

To sell their snake oil to the American people, the Left use the language of the Right. They use words like “liberation,” “freedom,” “opportunity,” and “choice.” All words of the political Right. They mean, though, a reality of the left. A reality without freedom, opportunity, choice, or any other of the absolutely revolutionary niceties we in America take for granted.

The old ‘sixties song went something like, “blah blah blah…sing a simple song of freedom.” The problem: it was the Left who seized on the catchy little ditty, making it an anthem of the ’60’s. Sympathizers of, and fellow travelers with, the very same Left that was busy squashing and killing freedom in unfathomably barbaric and bloodthirsty ways around the world.

Songs of freedom, odes to liberation, poems and verse celebrating liberty… all with the real intent of murdering liberty

The other great catch phrase of that era was, “Power to the people!” What a stirring cry! What people don’t want power?!? All people want power!

But… they meant power to the very few people who want to take power away from the masses of the people. The “simple song of freedom,” meant the freedom of those same few people to steal the freedom from you and me, from the masses.

The Left must use the language of the Right in order to hoodwink the people into supporting their movement to consolidate power in their own hands. That’s why the great enslavers of the Twentieth Century — the Socialists — always called their movements “Liberation Movements.” And “The People’s Democratic This” or “The People’s Liberation That.”

Sounds good, and persuades lots of people who aren’t necessarily paying close attention that the Left are interested in actually giving them freedom.

Liberation, freedom, opportunity, choice… those are all the things you get when you remove governmental control over the affairs of people. All the ones warbling, and shouting, and declaiming, and protesting, and calling for “freedom” were calling for their freedom… to oppress you. Their opportunity to get rich and decadent and fat off your work. Their liberation from having to work for a living, while you support them. Their choice to make your choices for you.

When the American Left is pretending to be all about freedom… never, never, ever, not ever should you lose sight of the fact that they’re not at all about your freedom.

You can see this in the so-called “protests” on college campuses. Look at the sneering, snarling, rage-filled faces, all smashing windows, cars and faces, and carrying signs saying, “Love Trumps Hate.” Anyone who doesn’t see the irony of a gang of violent, property-destroying, thuggish brutes swinging baseball bats to break windows, cars and heads, and carrying such signs, has not been paying attention.

That’s why the Left talks, and chants, and warbles, and declaims, and shouts, and demonstrates and protests for all the things that the Right has actually delivered in America and all around the world… because they hope against hope that you’re not paying attention.

— xPraetorius


3 thoughts on “The Left’s Fraud, Summarized

  1. North Korea comes to mind.
    Calling itself the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea this is an absolute hellhole that is anything but democratic or a republic by the people and for the people.
    Ruled by a cocain-fueled megalomaniac lunatic who forces his oppressed, starving people to worship him as a quasi divine being, this is a country that has become a place of pure evil.
    This is a place where Christians are persecuted, tortured and killed, where human life is cheaper than the butt of a cigarette and where little people (dwarfs) are dumped in a remote village, left to fend for themselves or die.
    This place is truly the heart of darkness, a spiritual and moral darkness which is matched by a physical darkness that can be even seen from satellites in space

    North Korea is the Left’s ultimate destination.
    North Korea, Venezuela, South Africa …
    Every country that the Left runs turns into a hellhole of poverty, violence and genocide.

    If the Left was running the garden of Eden it would turn it into the Sahara desert in less than three generations.

    1. So well said, artaxes! So true about the so-called “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” which is, simply, none of those things. Except Korea, that is.


      — x

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