Debunking The Left

It’s easy, you know. To debunk the Left’s generally nonsensical arguments. Arguments, if such they can be called, that usually consist of a declaration of some principle, followed by: “And you must be a [fill in insult here] if you disagree.

The problem is that the dominant media are too stupid, or corrupt, or lazy, or all three, to examine these baseless accusations critically and thereby to elevate the discussion/debate by removing the substanceless chaff.

The way to debunk the Left is to: Think it through. Imagine the scenarios that could shine a different light on the issue or the accusation, and do the thought exercises necessary to get other perspectives. To increase the breadth and depth of your understanding of  an issue.

As mentioned above, the media are too stupid, corrupt or lazy to do it, so we have to.

Let’s try a quick one: “Oh, you’re protecting the borders and keeping illegal aliens out? You’re obviously a racist, white supremacist, nativist xenophobe who hates brown people.”

If you look at the insult, it takes only a moment of reflection to see that the accusation of racism isn’t supported by the evidence: your displeasure with illegal immigration. For example, generally the “brown people” crowding across America’s southern border are shorter than the average American. Why would the accuser immediately leap to race as the so-called impetus for the opposition to illegal immigration? Why not height? Or any of the many other differences between people of any region compared to another.

However, the easiest response to the above silly accusation is to meet it head-on: “Do you honestly think that those of us who are against illegal immigration would stop being against immigration if the hordes pouring illegally across our borders, jumping with both feet onto the welfare gravy train, raising crime rates, depressing wages, and producing millions of anchor babies were a bunch of white people coming from, say, England? Or France? Or Italy? Obviously we wouldn’t. We’re not against ‘brown people’ or white, black, orange, red, green, purple or any other people. We are against any people pouring illegally across our borders, jumping with both feet onto the welfare gravy train, raising crime rates, depressing wages, and producing millions of anchor babies! And that ain’t racism, you blithering, slack-jawed, slope-headed, drooling, glassy-eyed half-wit of a pathetic, brain-dead jackass!”

We should say that.

Okay…. maybe stop at “And that ain’t racism.”(1)

— xPraetorius


(1) Or maybe not… I haven’t decided. 🙂


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