Yet Another Obama Idiocy: “Strategic Patience.”

This is the nonsensical term that we’ve all been hearing lately for how we’ve addressed, or, really, failed to address the fact of a psychotic régime becoming a nuclear power over the past couple of decades.

Obama, however, turned “Strategic Patience” into a fine art. No one could say so little in such a vast blizzard of foggy, useless, meaningless terms as Obama and his corrupt administration.

Strategic Patience” is a perfect example of the fogwash that emanated for eight long years from Obama’s Washington. Heck, if I wanted to turn doing absolutely nothing into something nice or intelligent sounding, I might settle on “Strategic Patience,” too.

And that’s exactly what it is: a rather pathetic attempt to transform doing absolutely nothing into a strategy. To turn cowardice and intellectual laziness, as well as a desire to fob a problem off on the next guy into… patience.

Here’s a nice disquisition on the beautiful virtue of patience. In it you’ll find a list of components of patience. Here are some of them: “waiting without complaint,” “self-control,” “humility,” and “generosity.” It’s a “complex of other virtues.”

Let’s at least please admit that the Obama Administration’s approach of simply ignoring the problem of North Korea and its puny, psychotic, pot-bellied pissant of a dictator contained none of those admirable qualities.

— xPraetorius


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