Obama’s Legacy Will Continue to Unravel

In Syria, Obama and his Secretary of State, John “Lurch” Kerry assured us that the Syrians had disposed of all their chemical weapons. Then “President” Bashar Assad of Syria launched a chemical attack against his own people.

Oops. I guess Obama, Kerry et al., got that wrong.

  • Obama told us that North Korea was taken care of. They are close to having the capability of delivering a nuclear-tipped ICBM to the American mainland.
  • Obama told us that Iran was taken care of. Remember “the Deal?” They’ll have nuclear weapons very soon.
  • Obama established the political vacuum in Iraq that allowed ISIS to flourish. The number of dead as a result? Tens of thousands.
  • Obama shucked and jived about the Crimean Peninsula. Putin took it. The Crimea, that is. Wonder whether the next bullet item had anything to do with it. Hint: It did.
  • Obama pulled the strategic defense systems from Eastern Europe in the very first days of his disastrous presidency.
  • Obama drew a “red line” when dealing with Syria. How many dead, dying, displaced, sick, homeless as a result? Millions.
  • Obama toppled Libya’s odious Qaddafi, who, despite being a hard-core dirtbag, was our hardcore dirtbag. Libya has been taken over by Worse-Than-Odious.

Great job, Obama.

Your pathetic legacy can’t unravel soon enough!

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Legacy Will Continue to Unravel

  1. His presidency will go down as one of the worst, yet most effective (not in a good way) in history. It will take some time though before the academic world actually looks at his record objectively.

    1. So true, Tricia! We’ve tried many times in these pages to make the point that “change” for its own sake is worthless. Change, to be worth any time or effort at all, needs to be good change. That requires some real, serious thought.

      Obama was the “hope and change” President. Well, he brought about change alright, and objective, non-partisan — sane — people agree: Not one single important aspect of life in the world has changed for the better as a result of his tenure in the White House.

      How sad! How much opportunity he had to bring about the only change that matters, good change. Except… he was atop the most corrupt organization in the country — the Democrat Party.

      The only way for someone to rise to the top of a corrupt organization is to have bought into the corruption entirely.

      Interesting note: With some nuances, this is also the story of Mikhail Gorbachev. People thought of him as a good man because he read the systemic bankruptcy of the Soviet system before others and tried to adapt. However, he didn’t try, as a genuinely decent man would have, to shepherd in the Soviet system’s well-deserved demise, but rather he tried to save it.

      While Obama was several parts scoundrel, several parts naif, several parts racialist, and several parts … ummm… moron, Gorbachev was an out-and-out scoundrel.

      The reason for the digression is that we often tend to view people by comparison with others. Obama and Gorbachev both come out appearing not nearly as horrible as the people to whom they’re often compared.

      Obama is a black radical, but dresses, speaks and comports himself well, easily, breezily and comfortably. A far cry from the earlier inarticulate, foaming, racialist radicals who were his influences. Gorbachev is compared to… previous Communist dictators. Just about any truly horrible person could come out favorably in that comparison!

      The point: In America, we need to avoid settling for “not nearly as horrible,” and demand real, good change.

      You are so right, Tricia, Obama was super effective at bringing about change. All of it bad.

      By the way, there’s a simple reason for Obama’s rise, and it doesn’t speak well of a lot of things and people: A majority of Americans were blinded by nothing more than Obama’s skin color.

      Black voters voted, to their everlasting shame, almost automatically for Obama, due simply to his skin color; while a majority of white voters, also to their everlasting shame, voted for him for the same reason.


      — x

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