NPR Watch (4/6/17) – Credit Where Credit is Due

I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) last night. It was a local show called, I think, “The Wheelhouse.” It’s a weekly show in which a bunch of commentators discuss the week’s news. The personalities involved are one John Dankosky, a reliable far lefty for the local NPR affiliate, Colin McEnroe, the far left host of the show, Mark Pazniokas, a local reporter (political orientation unknown, but he did side with the lefties in the issue discussed below) and… Suzanne Bates (I think) from Connecticut’s Yankee Institute, a local think tank that actually has Conservative thinkers. I have no idea how this intelligent, articulate woman ended up on an NPR show, but she was flat-out the star for the brief time that I was able to listen.

Dankosky and McEnroe can be counted on simply to spout the far lefty party line, which is funny, because it would be difficult to find two more pompous, stuffed-shirt, pseudo-intellectuals on the air anywhere in radio. If you ever wanted a caricature of pompous, over-the-top self-obsessed, preening, virtue-signalling leftist buffoons, you’d be hard-pressed to find better than McEnroe and Dankosky. It’s hard to imagine how the far lefty party line comes out the better after these two have finished speaking.

The crew broached the topic of the infamous, and long-discredited “Wage Gap” between men and women. First, the lefty guys got into it and virtue signaled their silly, little backsides off. It was hilarious. Over the course of a half-dozen or so quick sentences they competed to show the woman in attendance just how good they are, and just how much they respect, admire, heck they practically worship … women.

In the usual such NPR forum, the lady would have accepted the men’s worship, and indicated that they should even double down on their worship, and offer even more worshipful blather.

Not this time.

The woman, Suzanne Bates (I think), from the Yankee Institute calmly dismantled the idea that there even is a “Wage Gap” between men and women. And, briefly, she explained why. We’ve done this too in these pages. However, the lady from the Yankee Institute was a tad more terse. 🙂

She made great point after great point, one of which was when she told of the time she was a new reporter at some newspaper, or something like that. (I was driving at the time, so I don’t remember all the details of her pithy presentation.) She told of asking a veteran at her new employer’s location why there was so little coverage of the “Pay Gap” issue. The guy sat her down and explained that there actually is no pay gap, and gave all the reasons why.  The Yankee Institute lady said that after the veteran’s explanation, she felt as if “she’d been punched in the stomach.”

The further discussion continued to be hilarious as the lefties on the panel had no idea what to say or do. You have to understand: Colin McEnroe is one of the more glib, pompous lefty commentators around. And he’s absolutely convinced that he’s always right. He believed that there’s a pay gap between men and women, so confound it! there’s a pay gap between men and women! And it’s men’s fault! Got it?!? You could tell from McEnroe’s reaction that, like most lefties, he’d never allowed dissenting viewpoints into his brain, to compete with the thinking already there.

The woman from the Yankee Institute, very politely and devastatingly, told him, and showed him, that he was… wrong.

So, what did he do? Don’t forget: here was a woman demolishing their professed belief that there was no pay gap between men and woman. The same woman in front of whom the guys had just been strutting and preening moments before.

The guys tried to recover, saying something about the the 82 cents on the dollar being factually accurate, and the lady interrupted, saying that, no, it was not factually correct.

Again, the leftist guys were rocked back on their heels.

The guys hemmed and hawed and harrumphed and finally Pazniokas said that there were, of course, episodes here, and incidents there, and this industry there that has mostly men, and hidden this, and vestiges that, and that industry there with mostly women, and there are places where men make more than women, and hemmina, hemmina, hemmina(1)

The host changed the subject.


Now — Credit where credit is due: it was remarkable that NPR — albeit only the local affiliate — allowed a somewhat Conservative thinker on the show. That was much to their credit.

Note: this has all happened before on NPR. And we covered it here in another NPR Watch, almost exactly a year ago. (In the above-linked essay, go down to the bottom, to the Notes section, to see where the Harvard professor comes on and debunks the Wage Gap.)

Just a few more quick points:

  • Again, it was really funny to observe the liberals on the NPR show coming completely unraveled as their entire basic premise — the so-called Wage gap — was dismantled.
  • It was also funny to observe as the liberals continued to make the same arguments that had just been destroyed. As if the destruction had never happened.
  • Question: Will Suzanne Bates (I think) be allowed back on?
  • Question: Has she been on before?
  • I’ll look into it and try to find out.

— xPraetorius


(1) This means that the guys were desperate not to lose face, and needed a nice big wave of fogwash to overwhelm and wash away the mean lady’s thoughts. It was a little bit like covering their eyes and yelling, “NAH, NAH, NAH, NAH, NAH, NAH, NAH!!!” at the top of their lungs.


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