Was Trump Crazy Like a Fox?

You know how all this silliness about everyone gravely investigating Russian attempts to “interfere in the American election” is bedeviling the Trump Administration? I wonder…

Think of it: for nearly seventy-five years, the American Democrat Party had a way too cozy relationship with world Communism, and especially with the butchers of the Soviet Union. They had prominent people making excuses for Josef Stalin one of history’s most horrific monsters. Walter Duranty, Moscow bureau chief for the New York Times in the 1930’s comes to mind. Then, there’s Harry Hopkins, Democrat Vice President of the United States from 1941-1945, and unindicted spy for the Soviet Union. Remember, the American Democrat Party were so cozy with world Communism, that when Stalin stunned the world, and signed his non-aggression pact with Adolf Hitler, all of a sudden the Democrats were in love with the Nazis.

Don’t forget either: these are the same Communists, these pals of the Democrats, who murdered more people in peacetime … than Hitler did in wartime. The Democrats have never out and out renounced their past coziness with these monsters.

Now, practically overnight, practically as if it were planned that way, Trump has maneuvered the Democrats into a vein-popping, red-faced, spittle-flecked rage against, and hatred for… the Russians.

Just like that.

If you wanted to make the Democrats go all American patriot on the Russians, you couldn’t fabricate a more effective way than to become a prominent Republican, and say good things about the Russians.

Let’s face it, the leaders of the Democrat Party are dumb as stumps and, like Pavlov’s dogs, they can be walked down whatever path you want to walk them down. For example, let Trump say some nice things about Raul Castro of Cuba, and just watch the Democrat leadership, who all kiss Castro’s gnarled feet now, turn into snarling, jeering anti-Castro zealots before you can blink your eyes.

Maybe that’s all it took to get the Democrat Party to become American patriots, at least as far as Russia is concerned.

Hmmmmm… Maybe Trump could say some derogatory things about the American people… and, sure enough, the Democrats would instantly stop their hatred of Americans.

Just a thought.

— xPraetorius


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