NPR Watch (4/4/17) Fake News – Fake Issues

Bottom Line: Today was “Equal Pay Day.” However, an inconvenient truth is that: women don’t want equal pay because they don’t want to take the pay cut.

Lately we’ve been focusing quite a lot on “Fake News,” the hot, fun issue everyone’s been talking about since the election last November.

Of course, we introduced the topic long before the media ever cottoned to it.

We pointed out that a so-called “news” organization can report nothing but facts, and still be guilty of broadcasting fake news. These facts can be 100% true but, absent other “alternative” facts — facts that provide context and perspective — they comprise, all the same … Fake News.

Something like this hypothetical: Rapes on College Campuses Have Increased by 200%!

Pretty alarming, eh? Well, if it were also true that the actual number of rapes on college campuses across the country went from, say, two to six, then it might be a whole heckuva lot less alarming. Again, just a hypothetical! I made up these numbers for the purpose of illustration.

That other crucial fact, though — the true fact that provides necessary context — indicates that we probably don’t have to convene all sorts of blue-ribbon commissions peopled by grave-talking academics, speaking with tsk-tsking and tut-tutting earnestness, and calling for vast sweeping action or legislation to Stop. This. Crisis!

The statistic stating that campus rapes had increased by 200% was, in my hypothetical, perfectly true. The report was, however … yep: Fake News(1)

Well, the so-called “news” organizations report untruths as news too. You know… lies.

Needless to say, this is also… Fake News.

I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) this morning. It was their morning fake news program called “Morning Edition.”

On the show, they interviewed Sheryl Sandberg, the woman who is now the the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. The reason for the interview? Today is so-called “Equal Pay Day.” The issue: none other than the long-debunked “Pay Gap” between men and women.

Now, of course, the long-discredited 77 cents on the dollar myth is gone. It’s been transformed into: 20%. Women make 20% less than men!

Uhhh… Nope. A woman in the same position as a man, with the same experience makes exactly the same as, or more than, a man.

Women don’t want Equal Pay, because they don’t want to take the pay cut.

Anyway, off went Sandberg telling the idiot NPR host of businesses giving 20% discounts — presumably to women — to “highlight the issue.”

And off they went as if it were actually true that a woman in the same position as a man, with the same experience as a man … makes 20% less than a man.

They talked on and on about how… oh, if only businesses would pay women the same as they pay men, something they’ve been doing for a long time, then everyone would be better off!

Now, you have to understand, more than twenty years ago, Thomas Sowell asked the devastating question, about the so-called Pay Gap: if women cost nearly 25% less than men to hire, why don’t all businesses hire only women? He posed it, and there was nothing but a deafening silence from the Left.

After all, by far the largest expense for a business is… payroll. Millions of businesses on the verge of bankruptcy could simply whisk away their financial problems by firing all their men and replacing them with women.

Just like that. Why don’t they? Why don’t businesses simply get rid of those expensive men and hire much cheaper women? Simple: because women were never cheaper than men in the first place.

Men-Women Pay Gap: Fake News.

Other Fake Issues:

  • Global Warming
    • Ir’s now called “Climate Change,” because “Global Warming” has long been discredited. The Environmental movement was exposed long ago as a scam, so the terms had to change in order to keep the movement alive.
  • Campus Rape Culture 
    • It’s a publicly-available fact that college campuses are safer than off-campus. In terms of every kind of violence that constitutes any kind of major crime.
  • Russian Interference in the 2016 Election
    • No one has stated the simple fact that Russia has tried to interfere in every American election for many, many decades.
  • White Supremacy
    • No one has ever said, “Hey, in this supposedly white supremacist society, why is there not one single law or rule or procedure anywhere in the United States that favors white people?” Not one. In apartheid South Africa there were laws. In the Jim Crow South, there were laws and rules. In America of today, and for many generations, there has been not one single such law.

There are more… abortion for one. And others. About all these issues, you can be sure that the left will produce all manner of that other component of Fake News: flat-out lies.

— xPraetorius


(1) The reality: college campuses are far safer places, as it pertains to sexual assault, than anywhere outside of campus. Furthermore, the rate of sexual assault in society at large has been on the decline for a very long time. In other words: College campuses are extremely safe, and the rest of the country is getting steadily safer. There’s no “Rape Culture” anywhere in America.

Now, in a side note, there is a real, genuine, no-foolin’ Rape Culture in western society. Google Rotherham, England sometime. Here’s an interesting link about that. And here. Oh, the Rape Culture comes from Islam imported into England. What a surprise!

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