You HAD to See THIS Coming!

In New Zealand, a “transgender” weightlifter, a certain “Laurel Hubbard,” 39 — a man who says he’s a woman — has won a women’s weightlifting competition, and the women are ticked off at it. As they should be. This “transgender” tommyrot  has gone on for long enough that one of its logical “next steps” has arrived, as described by the article.

Here’s the article. I have to imagine that they’ll take it down soon — the vast and many contradictions of the left can’t be allowed to see the light of day, after all! So, I’ve copied and pasted the article’s text in the Appendix at bottom.

It’s a well-known phenomenon: as soon as society accommodates something that it didn’t accommodate before, that becomes the “new normal,” and the only question is what is the next thing to fall. Totalitarian dictatorships around the world know this well, and keep a tight lid on anything they see as potentially eroding their power.

<brief digression>

I’m amazed at the parallels one can make with geological erosion. The question must be posed: is everything subject to mere … erosion?  Are the American Left, the Democrat Party, nothing more than mindless, natural, lifeless forces pounding, pounding, pounding against the shores of American greatness? Like the powerful, but insentient, lifeless, waves of the sea against the shore? Is the downfall of all that’s good and decent in America — the country that abolished slavery, turned women into full participants in the shaping of society, emancipated all people — doomed by the pressures of insensate … erosion?  Can’t rule it out.

</brief digression>

In our pages, we have focused on a hypothetical situation in “Gay Marriage” land. A situation in which a young man befriends a lonely, rich, older man with no family. The older man understands that he’s near death and says to his young friend, “Let’s get married, so that when I die, and I leave you everything, you’ll pay a much lower tax rate.”

Between you ‘n me, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet. Or has it? 🙂

In the realm of the current “gender” fad, though, it’s different. There’s a whole spectrum of things that haven’t fallen yet — including washed-up male athletes breathing new life into their careers by “becoming women.”

We’re seeing that the “polyamorous” have already come out of the woodwork. They’ve been working quietly behind the scenes to get the restrictions against multiple marriages abolished as “unconstitutional.” And to declare multiple marriage a “civil right.”

You know what? They’re right. If the idea of marriage being only between one man and one woman is nothing more than a social construct, then what other ideas about marriage are mere outmoded inventions of that nasty-wasty bigoted, authoritarian, Interested-Only-In-Keeping-The-Little-Guy-Er-Gal-Er-Zhe-Er-It-Down patriarchy?

The weirdos — like the above-mentioned “transgender” weight-lifter — have to come out of the woodwork now  … because they know that their fad — the window for society to pretend that their particular disorder is a “civil right” — is open for only a short time. Then the media/Hollywood/pop culture complex, not all that bright to begin with, will become bored with it. At that point, the only ones making a living from whining about how awful it is in America, Gender Department, will be in academia.

They know also that the only reason they have any credibility whatsoever is because no one in America has actually scrutinized their movement closely enough to recognize it for the laughable flapdoodle that it is.(1)

The Environmental movement — aka the biggest power /money grubbing fraud ever perpetrated against the world(2) — is finding this out at this very moment in history. It’s had a good run, but you could see the first big crack in its armor when President Trump’s Budget Director said, “Any dollar spent on ‘Climate Change‘ is a dollar wasted.”

As soon as the first piece appears in the New York Times, embarrassed into printing it, and featuring a Prominent, Credible Person saying:

Wait, wait… Bruce Jenner, winner of the men’s Olympic Decathlon, says he’s a woman and you believed him because …? What? Say it again, please. What?!? Because he said so? You’re kidding, right? Are you flargin’ nuts?!? Please tell me you have something more than that! If you can’t,  I’ll have to consider you a blithering idiot.” …

That’ll be it for the dippy Your-“Gender”-Can-Be-Whatever-You-Say-It-Is  crowd, and they will know that their day has passed, their window closed, their last billion dollars extorted from a credulous American society.

In the meantime, though, the following, only slightly amusing, scenario is still possible:

Tiger Woods: Darn it! I missed the cut again! I’m really tired of not being #1 in golf. Wait, I know! I’ll just say I’m a woman and go play on the LPGA tour! Let anyone try to tell me I can’t! I’ll just call ’em a bunch of bigots and reactionary neanderthals. And, I’ll call ’em racists to boot! After all, I’m  African-Asian-American!  Give me a few weeks on the LPGA Tour and I’ll be #1 again! Heck, I can still have sex with women too! I’ll just say I’m a lesbian!

Oh, yes…one more note. Immediately following the above-linked feature was one about this: TRANSGENDER BOY WINS TX GIRLS WRESTLING TITLE.

Here’s the summary: A 17-year-old transgender boy completed an undefeated season by winning a controversial Texas state girls wrestling title in an event clouded by criticism.

Wait… “criticism?” What on earth for? Bunch of bigots! And “she” was undefeated! Well! I wonder how many other girls even came close!  Here’s the link.

— xPraetorius


(1) My apologies: Socialism is the biggest power /money grubbing fraud ever perpetrated against the world.

Socialism, though, has been discredited everywhere in the world except in American academia. Needless to say, “Environmentalism” is a thinly-veiled fraud whose sole reason for existing is to bring back Socialism in America and to buttress it everywhere else where it’s gained a foothold, or where it rules.

Hmmm… come to think of it, I guess that means that Socialism has been completely discredited only in those parts of the world where people have done an honest appraisal of history and current events … a tragic minority of places in the world.

(2) “Laughable flapdoodle” … I love gay people, but this is how we should have greeted the “Gay Marriage” movement. And we should have told gay people that their “lifestyle preferences” represent a disorder. But, only because it is. It’s not nice to lie to gay people. Heck, it’s not nice to lie to any people.


Text of the article that appeared at on March 20, 2017:

‘She has every right to compete with women’: Transgender weightlifter sparks criticism after competition win

on March 20, 2017, 3:23 pm

A Kiwi weightlifter has made history as the first transgender athlete to represent New Zealand and come away with a win, however the victory has been slammed by other competitors.

Laurel Hubbard, 39, won the women’s over 90kg division at the Australian International competition in Melbourne on Sunday, but the win has caused a stir with some believing she had an unfair advantage.

Her combined total of 268kg was nearly 20kg better than Samoan runner-up Iuniarra Sipaia, with another 20kg back to the next lifter in the field.

Kiwi weightlifter Laurel Hubbard’s win has sparked criticism in the sport. Pictures: Australian Weightlifting Federation

The performance puts Hubbard in line for selection at the 2017 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

While her eligibility passed the International Olympic Committee’s criteria, Hubbard’s win was met with criticism from Australian competitors who believe a transgender athlete in the female weightlifting category was not an equal playing field.

Hubbard was born the son of former Auckland mayor Dick Hubbard and has previously competed at a national level in men’s weightlifting as Gavin Hubbard.

She transitioned in her mid-30s and recent improvements have lifted her to a lofty women’s ranking.

Hubbard’s success in the sport forced Rio Olympic lifter Tracey Lambrechs, a Commonwealth Games bronze medallist, to lose weight and compete in a lower division.

Laurel Hubbard receives her gold medal. Picture: 1News Now

Lambrechs has spoken of uneasiness at Hubbard’s eligibility but has vowed to continue her career in the 90kg class. She placed second in Melbourne.

Another lifter told New Zealand TV news station 1News Now Hubbard’s entry into the female category was unfair to other competitors.

“We all deserve to be on an even playing field,” the weightlifter said.

“It’s difficult when you believe that you’re not. If its not even, why are we doing the sport?” she said.

Laurel, pictured fourth from left, with the other female competitors in the 90kg weightlifting division at the Australian International competition in Melbourne. Picture: Australian Weightlifting Federation

In an interview with the New Zealand news program, prominent sportswriter Phil Gifford said Hubbard had every right to compete with the women after passing “straightforward” hormone regulations.

“It’s testosterone levels which is a much more scientific way of measuring male gender, female gender than anything else that is currently known.

“And Lauren has passed all of those tests over the last 12 months,” he said.

Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand said it followed the policy of the International Olympic Committee and the world weightlifting governing body in allowing Hubbard to compete in the women’s division.

The IOC acknowledges athletes as male or female, with no categorisation as transgender.




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