A Theory About America and the World

Bottom Line: I wonder whether America’s successful example put the idea of Socialism into the heads of tyrants around the world.

Someone once said something like, “American capitalism has benefited more people in the history of the world than anything else.”

I believe that to be almost true. Christianity has benefited even more people, but American Capitalism is a close second. And far and away ahead of the third place finisher: medicine.

However, I wonder whether someone, some potentate in a third-world, tinpot dictatorship — or many such potentates — also saw everything that America was and thought, “Hey, this sure puts me in a pretty bad light!”  And…

How in the world do I justify what I’ve been doing here?!? I keep my people in serfdom, so they can keep me rich, pampered, spoiled and coddled, but America’s going to ruin all that for me and everyone else like me!

I know! I’ll use … Socialism! It’s a whole freakin’ blizzard of pretty words that all describe nothing more than the same serfdom I’ve had here all along, but that make the people feel as if they’re sticking it to The Man… only I won’t be The Man, America will be!”  

After all, America abolished slavery — even fought a bloody war to do it. America brought the opportunity for real prosperity to every man, woman and child in the country!

Other countries don’t have that. Opportunity, that is. Third-world tinpot dictatorships don’t have freedom, or opportunity, or prosperity. But they do have serfdom … and a serious need for excuses.

America has made a whole passel of other countries look really bad by comparison. After all, people aren’t flinging themselves into the ocean to go anywhere else in the world.(1)

Socialism is equality. It is the thing that those who support “Social Justice” are aiming for. It is the place where unlimited state power brings you. It is despair, poverty, equality … death on a massive scale.

I wonder whether America’s successful example put the idea of Socialism into the heads of tyrants around the world.

— xPraetorius


(1) You’ll tell me that people from Syria are flinging themselves into the Mediterranean Sea to get to the shores of Greece, Italy, Cyprus .. Europe. First, the Mediterranean Sea is not a real ocean. 🙂

After the Vietnam War, people from South Vietnam flung themselves into the Pacific Ocean in an often-doomed effort to get to America.

Furthermore, there are hundreds of boats — 24/7/265 —  out searching for Syrian refugees.

No one was out searching for Vietnamese refugees, to save their lives. If you were a Vietnamese refugee, it took massive courage to fling yourself onto a flimsy raft, then out into the flargin’ Pacific Ocean to try to get to the USA.

It takes courage for a Syrian refugee also. But, let’s  face it, people are searching for them, to save them, and to bring them into their countries. And… when asked where they want to go, the refugees all say, “To America.” Of course! But they’ll settle for Europe.


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