Some Spot Observations About the News

Tom Brady – Neil Gorsuch – Rex Tillerson – Donald Trump

Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey is Found!

After the New England Patriots’ stunning comeback victory in Super Bowl #51, someone — apparently a sports journalist — stole the jersey that quarterback Tom Brady wore in the contest. After a tip came in to who knows whom, the jersey was found somewhere in Mexico.

Okay. I couldn’t care less. One quick remark: I hope that whatever agency or agencies found the article of clothing spent not one thin taxpayer dime in the effort. That’s all.

Neil Gorsuch Says He’ll Apply the Law Regardless of the Sides in A Case

To what low point have we sunk that such an assertion should be controversial? Here’s what a judge is supposed to do — and this is Law 101: Imagine a case in which two parties are in front of his bench. One is a complete low-life, scumbag, jerk of a dirtbag, while the other is a sweet, innocent family mom, who’s spent the bulk of her years in service to the poor. If the law is on the side of the jerk, then the judge is supposed to rule that way. Period. This is not controversial. This is, again, Law 101.

The Democrats are literally suggesting that a judge should rule on the side of the more sympathetic of two parties, regardless of what the law says. They have four corrupt judges now on the Supreme Court who believe that there actually are people —  the sympathetic parties in a case — who actually are above the law. Those members of the court are: Breyer, Kagan, Sotomayor, Ginsburg.

If Neil Gorsuch can provide a voice for actually adhering to the law, that will be much needed shot in the arm for a largely corrupt American judiciary.

Rex Tillerson Had Another E-mail Address at Exxon.

So? I have dozens of e-mail addresses, depending on whose interests I’m representing, and how much confidentiality I’m trying to achieve. People are upset at Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s extra e-mail address, because they’re trying to suggest that Exxon “misled investors about the dangers of climate change, and the potential impact on Exxon’s business.”

One question: How could Exxon possibly mislead anyone about what is both unknown and unknowable?

Beyond: “It’s a good idea to clean up after yourself,” the environmental movement has produced not one single, solitary reliable or, even useful, recommendation about anything pertaining to human behavior and the climate. Here’s what we know: human behavior affects the climate. Here’s what we don’t know: To what extent human behavior affects the climate. We don’t even know whether human behavior has a net warming effect, or a net cooling effect. Why? the corrupt environmental movement — really just a front for leftist politics — has never even bothered to pose that question.

Was There Surveillance by the Obama Administration on Trump?

Count me among those who’d be absolutely shocked if there were not such surveillance.

Remember: Obama used the IRS to deny basic civil rights to tens of millions of Americans. It’s been established that the National Security Agency has at least a record of, and the metadata for, every single phone call made by every single American in the past decade, and possibly further back. We know that the NSA has a copy of every single e-mail ever sent by Americans in the past decades.

Do you really think that Barack Obama, the most corrupt President probably in American history, didn’t try to find out what Trump and his supporters were saying, planning, thinking? Seriously? Are you daft? Of course Obama did!

Here’s how it went:

Obama: Hey, I hear that Trump’s meeting with some donors today. Man! I’d like to be a fly on the wall at that get-together! (he chuckles and grins charmingly)

Obama Minion: (thinking) That’s the President hinting that he wants me to initiate surveillance on Trump, but without actually saying it, so that he can have plausible deniability if it ever comes out and he’s asked about it. (out loud) Yessir. Me too, Sir.

Obama: But, we can’t do anything about that, because that would be wrong.

Obama Minion: (thinking) Yes we can, and I know just how to do it, and in just such a way as no one will ever know, and no one will ever suspect the President. (out loud) No, Sir. You’re right, Sir. That would be wrong.



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