Liberty vs. Equality? Easy: LIBERTY! (Part II)

In this post here, we indicated that in the perennial struggle between Liberty and Equality for our hearts and minds, we should choose Liberty every time.

The reason, I said, was simple, and it is: Equality means imposing constraints on those who would move/work/be farther, faster, better. Constraints on those who would be stronger, wealthier, fitter, smarter…

You can’t, with a wave of a magic wand, or a legislating pen, make the weak stronger, or the poor richer, or the stupid and unwise, smarter and wiser.

You can, though, with a stroke of that same pen, make the strong weaker, the rich poorer, the powerful less potent, and so on.

You can impose at least rough equality on everyone, but that’s the key word. You must impose it, else equality will never, ever happen, if people are left free.

Liberty, however, involves accepting inequality and removing, by definition, constraints from every man, woman and child.

Furthermore, liberating the oppressed means liberating the oppressor as well. It’s hard, long, punishing, work to keep the people of a country down. The keepers of the gulags die at almost the same rate, and at almost the same average early age, as the gulag inmates.

Well, as it turns out, others have noticed this too. In this feature, one Paul Yarbrough, a freelance writer in The Daily Caller expresses some of the same common-sense sentiments.

— xPraetorius


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