Response to Brothawolf

First: a rather lengthy bit of background: A few posts ago, Brothawolf and I had an interaction in which he alleged that I censored one of his posts. I did not do that. I have the contents of the post to which he’s referring, because he re-posted it on his own blog, after having claimed that we’d censored it on ours. To repeat: it never arrived here. Therefore, I have to conclude that it was really a cheap attempt by Brothawolf to manufacture a wrong done to him that was not actually done.

This kind of behavior is not at all unusual for the Race Grievance Industry, of which Brothawolf is a card-carrying member. We see it in the manufactured racial incidents in which someone spray paints the “n-word” on a wall on some podunk college campus somewhere. The media get the vapors, breathlessly, gravely reporting, “See?!? See?!? America is RACIST”

Then it comes out that security cameras somewhere caught some Black Lives Matter dude doing it, knowing full well that the media would get the vapors and breathlessly, gravely report … etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

This is what Brothawolf has done with his phony allegation that he submitted a post that we censored. We did not, and do not, censor anything or anyone. We edit out bad language from posts, but then we … post the post.

Every time.

In thousands upon thousands of back and forth reply posts, we’ve never censored a single one. Ever.

Side Bar Alert!

[Okay… hold on. If you were to post a reply that consisted only of the one word: “F**k,” we wouldn’t censor that post. However, we would replace the “f-word” with something like, “[deleted: juvenile expletive].” Then, we’d post that. Also, we’d reply with a withering riposte suggesting something to the effect that the commenter not post such demonstrably moronic material, as it indicates that he’s a drooling half-wit, and if he’s not, then maybe he should refrain from such nitwittery. Needless to say, this is not censorship, but merely standards. Most who post things like that, being not too bright to start, tend to go away after that.]

End of Side Bar.

Bottom line: we have never censored anyone, and have no intention of ever censoring anyone, so Brothawolf’s accusation is a smokescreen to hide the fact that he’s trying to manufacture a slight that was never committed. This is the modus operandi of the Left and of the Race Grievance Industry.

Now, without further ado, I’ll capture into this post the material that Brothawolf says he sent to me that he really did not send (here’s the post in which he says he put it). Brothawolf has put his post in the form of paragraphs, so I’ve entered [in red font and brackets my responses to each paragraph, inline after each paragraph].


Hello, xPrae.

[Hi, BW!]

I’m not here to attack you, and I’m not coming to continue this back-and-forth. But I’m going to get this off my chest. (This may have a few errors.)

[Why would it have errors? Don’t you proofread? It’s kinda important. I’m happy for you to get things off your chest. Typically, however, “getting things off one’s chest” doesn’t end up producing a rational post. Do you want me to take this seriously? Or is it a waste of your time and mine? Since you say this is the last exchange you and I will have, then I have no choice but to take it at least somewhat seriously.]

Yes, I came to your blog just as your pal, sock puppet or whatever you want to call him Apollo challenged me. So, if you want to consider that a win for you, go ahead.

 [I have a friend whose on-line persona is Apollo. I have no “sock puppets” I’m not trying to “win” anything here. I’m trying to learn. You, apparently, are not.]

And yes, I know that after this response, you will STILL consider yourself right and a winner over my, as you might put them, leftist ideals. You will probably take my response, dissect it and insert your responses in red italics dismantling, discrediting, denying and overall denouncing every point that you felt needed to be taken apart in a separate post the moment you get an alert that I left a reply on this article. And after all is said and done, you will crown yourself victor and intellectual superior over me.

[Again, I’m not trying to win anything here. I do consider myself “right.” Why would one enter into debate if he considered his beliefs wrong? I’m interested only in a serious exchange with people. Period. I like your alliteration in this paragraph. I have taught you some things, grasshopper! 🙂 I never, ever, not once ever, claimed to be your intellectual superior. I merely challenged  you to surpass yourself. You have, apparently, declined.]

If that’s what you want to do, fine. If not, that’s cool too.

[BW: These are strawmen. I’ve never wanted to “win” anything, nor have I ever claimed to be your intellectual superior. In fact, the very fact that I stay here with you through thick and thin, should show you that I consider you to be worth the effort, you big dummy! 🙂  Do you really have that much trouble getting that through your thick skull?]

That said, I want to explain what I’ve learned about mistakes and pain.

[Okay. Just so you understand though, these are your experiences, and as such they’re infinitely important and meaningful — to you. They are not, however, meaningful on the larger scale. What you’ve learned about mistakes and pain, are probably what I’ve learned about mistakes and pain.]

You see xPrae, I was taught that if you made an error, you should fix it and learn from it. More importantly, I’ve learned that when someone is hurting, you do your best to help them. If you’re the cause of their pain, you should own up, correct your mistake and do what you can to heal both you and the party or parties involved. And even if you’re not directly responsible, you STILL should do what you can to help even if you don’t fully comprehend what’s wrong. That’s not important. What IS important is that someone is in pain. And I’m sure you understand that pain is a terrible feeling.

[Yes, BW, if one makes an error, one should fix it and learn from it. And, yes, if someone is hurting, one should do one’s best to help the one who’s hurting. Most of what you say in the above paragraph is absolutely true. 

Why, though, should I admit my errors? You’ve never offered me any convincing argument that I’m wrong. Whereas, I’ve shown you dozens and dozens of ways in which your beliefs might be incorrect. Furthermore, you imply that I need to confess the error of my ways and thinking, when you’ve never shown the tiniest inclination to admit the error of your ways and thinking. Why is all your thinking so one-sided and unbalanced, BW?

Presumably you’re implying that I should admit all my errors in our exchanges, because all these so-called errors (they’re not errors if what I’ve said is true) have caused you and others pain. Codswallop. If I say something that’s wrong, that should provoke not pain, but rather a desire by you to set me straight. Period. My errors can’t cause you any pain whatsoever; only you can cause you pain in a discussion with someone else.]

But from what I’ve witnessed according to your blog posts and responses to my and Abagond’s blog posts, you don’t come off as the type that would do that. And just to make this clear, this isn’t about white people. This is about YOU.

[This is hogwash, BW. I’ve corresponded with you honestly. What more would you have me do? Do you want me to lie to you? Do you want me to agree with you and tell you that of course you’re right, when all evidence says you’re … wrong? Badly wrong. Would actually lying to you help your pain? Do you want to go to the mirror on the wall, and have it tell you you’re the fairest one of all … when you’re not? When did it become “nice” and “compassionate” — if I may use those terms — to lie to someone? To allow someone who’s deluded to continue in his delusions? Have you ever seen one of those scenes on television in which someone reaches back and slaps — hard — someone who’s losing it? Afterward the the one who was slapped says, “Thanks! I needed that.” Why? because the slap, while being cruel, harsh, violent, is still the right thing to do, the compassionate, loving thing to do. BW, you have a lot of notions that are outdated by more than sixty years. There are no obstacles — except those you put in your own path — to your being prosperous, fulfilled and happy in America today. I’ve done you the service of pointing this out to you, because it’s true. You can ask my good friend Barack Obama, who grew up from modest circumstance to become the most powerful man in history — right here in America. Wake up. You whine about pain, when you should be out there seizing happiness that’s all but falling from the skies for you in America.

As to your assertion that “this is not about white people.” First of all, I’m not white, so I’m not sure what your point is. The point ought to be: the truth is the truth is the truth is the truth … no matter who’s saying it. Second, you yourself posted an  essay — on your own blog! — that claims that all white people are sociopaths. All white people. Not just some. This was based on an interaction you said you had on some blog or social media forum somewhere with a few people you think were white. From that tiny exchange you concluded that all white people are sociopaths. Those are your own words. Please don’t think I haven’t researched you, BW.  You do make racist, blanket statements about all white people. Why? Because, as you’ve admitted yourself, you’re a racist. I challenge you not to be a racist. Apparently, you’ve declined that challenge as well.]

You, xPrae, made the decision to come to our blogs first with the crusade to argue on the issue of racism. You’ve dismissed claims, experiences, information and facts. You condemned commenters who argued civilly. And you called them names to boot. You may not see it that way. You may even remember it differently. But the fact of the matter is the people you argued with were HURT BY YOUR RESPONSES. And instead of realizing it, you doubled down, seemingly turning it into a debate competition in which you’re determined to win by any means.

[I cane to your blog, because you put it out there. It’s right there for all the world to see. You made no secret about it. You didn’t make it a private blog. You didn’t require any passwords or anything like that. Wide open. Let’s be clear about one thing, BW, none of your commenters argued civilly with me. Right from the get go, they called me a racist white man. I’m neither a man, nor white, nor racist. Your commenters indicted themselves as phonies, and racist buffoons right out of the gate. And, let’s be clear about another thing: none of your commenters was hurt by my responses. Not one. This may sound tough to you, but let’s call it “tough love.” My responses were words on a computer screen. If words on a computer screen hurt anyone, then that person absolutely deserves the totalitarian dictatorship that would be necessary to prevent people from speaking freely, and hurting the tender little snowflakes’ feelings. Needless to say, I’ve long dispelled the idea that I’m trying to win anything. To the contrary, your commenters were trying to shut me up, so that they could win, by virtue of what they hoped would be my abject surrender, as most people have done, and continue to do. I didn’t surrender. Their feelings were not hurt, except by themselves. They then went whining to mommy — you, BW — that’s all. My words can’t hurt anyone. Oh, by the way, no one on the planet can hurt your feelings except yourself. You are solely, 100% in charge of your own feelings, and you should never, ever, not ever forget that.

Oh, and one more thing: the arguments from your side were never based on facts, they were based on personal anecdote, after personal anecdote, after personal anecdote, after personal anecdote, after personal anecdote, after personal anecdote, after personal anecdote, after personal anecdote. None of which were extensible to society as a whole. There were,rarely, some statistics that were forwarded, and that I then countered with statistics of my own. ]

Whether you want to know it or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you face it or not, BLACK PEOPLE ARE HURTING EVERYDAY DUE TO RACISM. The keyword in capitals is ‘HURTING’. Now, before you go off in your lecture about how that’s not true, STOP, because it’s NOT about what you know or not know. It’s about the pain we go through. It’s about the hurt in our hearts, NOT about what you think or read. When you went and denied them of their experiences, reasons and emotions, they felt even more hurt and angry towards you, because what YOU’VE said, they probably heard it before. And it doesn’t make it any less harmful.

[Sorry, no. Black people are not everywhere hurting due to racism. Again, someone else’s idiocy has no power whatsoever over your feelings, unless you choose to grant that power. Period. That’s simply the truth. Grown-ups know it. BW, I’m guessing that you have several children, by several different mothers, to none of whom you’re married  right now. Am I right? I’m guessing that you’ve spent some time in prison too. Is that right? In other words, I’m further guessing that you haven’t followed any of my five things. What in the world kind of values are you giving your children, if you object to the common-sense things that we posted in this post here?  I hear your cri de coeur about the “hurt in your hearts,” but again, you’ve shown no indication that you want to be friends with white people. Who would want to be friends with sociopaths and racists? You seem to indicate that your pain stems from your idea that white people think less of you than they should. And, again, why would you care in the slightest what a bunch of sociopaths and racists think? It’s a serious question.]

Can you, for a moment, understand that being told that your problems don’t matter because you don’t see that there’s a problem? Can you not see how condescending and cruel that sounds? It doesn’t matter what your opinion is or was, because IT WASN’T ABOUT YOU. Whether you want to agree or not, THAT’S HOW RACISM OPERATES. And that’s why we considered you a RACIST TROLL, because that appears to be your modus operandi, arguing against claims of racism no matter how authentic they are which is at the heart of how racism works.

[I’ve never told you that you have no problems. I’ve never told you that your problems don’t matter. Never once. I simply said that there’s not a big white racism  problem in America today, and you never once addressed that issue. You gave me anecdotes about your own situation, that I then told you were unfortunate, but had no greater meaning beyond your own circumstances. You never addressed that. I told you also that in society at large, those anecdotes were relatively rare, and I then gave you example after example, and evidence after evidence to support my claim. (See, eg, “my good friend, Barack Obama,” above) Sorry. Far from being a racist society, America is the least racist country in world history. Go ahead, I dare you to disprove that. If you don’t succeed in America, it’s because you’re trying not to succeed. The RGI is telling you to try not to succeed, so that you can continue to whine about how tough it is in America, and so that they can point to you and say, “give me money.” You’re being used to enrich a bunch of parasites in the RGI leadership, and you’re whining at me because I’m pointing it out to you.]

The bottom line here is that people, including myself, were offended by your statements, and you don’t seem to care too much about that. Again, if you think differently, go ahead, but I was taught another lesson, actions speak louder than words, and your actions continue to show your real self. You simply don’t care that there are black people being affected in some way, shape or form by racism whether it’s institutionalized or individualized. You care too much to disprove it that you would say almost ANYTHING to make us sound crazy.

[Now, you’re just spouting, as I figured you might, when you said you were going to “get some things off your chest.” That’s rarely an announcement that one is about to say something cogent and rational. However, I promised to react to it all. I’m nothing if not thorough; more proof that you’re all wet when you try to suggest I don’t like you, or that I even think you’re crazy. Why on earth would I spend all this time on you if I didn’t like you? Or if I thought you were crazy? Hmmmm…?  So, here goes — I’ll prove conclusively that I like you, by being honest with you: If you were offended by my statements, too bad. There hasn’t been a “statement” that has offended me in decades. Including all the abuse you’ve heaped on me. Read it well, BW: A Statement. Is. Only. Words. It. Cannot.Hurt. You. Ever. If. It. Does. It’s. Your. Fault. You are in charge of your own feelings. Everyone is No exceptions. BW, this is Life 101. Didn’t your mommy or your daddy tell you that  when you were just a little, tiny kid? I mean, this is not rocket science! As regards “institutional racism,” go ahead, show me one law that disfavors black people. Show me one company that has one policy that disfavors black people. Just one. Since an “institution” cannot be racist — it’s a non-living thing — people have to interpret what the bizarre concept of “institutional racism” even means. And since there are no laws in the country that disfavor black people, and there are no rules, policies, processes or procedures anywhere in America in any group, company or organization, that disfavor black people, and since there is vast recourse if any black person encounters any individual person disfavoring black people, I can conclude only that “institutional racism” is a fabrication. There’s no such thing. There are individual racists out there — mostly black people like you, by the way — but their impact on anyone’s possibility of prospering in America is near zero.

Next: Don’t try to tell me what I care about and don’t care about. You don’t know. I care deeply about anyone who is hurt for any reason. However, I’d say the same thing to a woman who might encounter a man who doesn’t like women: Yes, there are individual jerks out there. Don’t let them affect your life. It’s sound advice, and you should take it. So, if you’re affected by some individual racist somewhere, I’m deeply sorry. I truly am. It angers me, and embarrasses me as a human being. Because it’s really just one human being being a jerk to another human being, and that should irritate and embarrass everyone.]

But you won’t admit that, will you? It’s cool if you don’t. If you can live with that notion, go right ahead. You seem to be able to live with the reality you vehemently reject that black people are still suffering due to what they are. You can call it race baiting or race grievance if you want. It just further shows where you stand on the issue and where your heart lies. And talking with you proves to be utterly useless, not because you’re right but because you’re all about talking, not listening.

[Why would I ever admit to something that’s just not true? What you allege about why I do what I do, and say what I say, is untrue. Again, if I were to lie to you, as you seem to want me to, that would be an act of actual hostility you could point to. And I never said that black people are not suffering. More to the point, I’ve said repeatedly that black people are suffering, but that white racism is not even close to a primary cause of that suffering. Let’s refer back to the previous paragraph, in which I said that you’re in charge of your own feelings. If I were to call you a big dummy, and your feelings were hurt by that, then that’s your fault. Are you a big dummy? Of course not! Then my calling you a big dummy should be like my calling Shaquille O’Neal short. I guarantee you that his feelings would not be hurt by that. Why? Because he’s plainly not short. If you’re plainly not a big dummy — and you’re not — then it shouldn’t bother you in the least that someone might call you that. That’s partially how sane life works. And that’s exactly why it never bothers me — in the slightest — that you call me a racist, or that you suggest that I’m mean, or my words are harsh, or that I’m cruel. Words ahve no power whatsoever to hurt anyone … without his permission.]

And that was what we wanted you to do. Listen. But evidently, you didn’t want to. So, we distanced ourselves from you. It was your BEHAVIOR that did it.

[Hogwash. I read every single, solitary word you ever wrote to me. And I read eveyr single word that any of your commenters ever wrote to me. Every single, solitary word. Even all the nonsense that Herneith wrote so frequently. I read many of them several times. What other “listening” can I do? Do you want to call me and say the same words to me over the phone? I’ll listen then too. However, many time your words made no sense, or you were telling me something that was simply wrong. If I listen to something that makes no sense, and I remark that it makes no sense, then I have not failed to listen. I can prove that I “listened” too. How? Easy: I responded right back to every single thing you ever said to me. As I’m doing now. Not only did I “listen” to you, I’m the best listener you’ve ever had. BW: I’m not, however, going to lie to you.]

So, that’s why I won’t argue with you anymore and will do my best not to mention your name or blog in any of my articles. Call it a victory if you want if that makes you happy. Continue blogging about me and Abagond, slam us, dissemble what we know and believe and even send trolls or sock puppets if that gives you satisfaction. Keep on believing what you believe. But know this. I’m trying to move on. Why you won’t keep my name off your articles is unknown. I’m just a guy with a blog. I have NO POWER. My blog is NOT known to a lot of people. And honestly, I don’t think yours is either. I just admitted that my blog is not that powerful. I never intended for it to be. So, why are you always after me when I’m not worrying about you?

[Again, there’s no victory in your failing to address my points, and turning tail and running. And there’s no victory, because I’m not trying to win anything. I told you BIG PICTURE things, and you then, time and time and time and time and again, told me about YOUR experiences; experiences that pertain only to you, and that have no relevance to What It’s Actually Like In America At Large. My focus has always been the bigger picture. And I pointed that out to you each time. And each time you went back to personal anecdotes. Oh, they weren’t always your personal anecdotes, but someone’s. And again, personal anecdotes, while they’re important to the person involved, have no relevance at all to the BIG PICTURE. ]

You know what? It doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, you’re just going to keep being you. All of you. That is assuming there really is a group involved here.

[Okay. And I hope you’ll keep being you. However, “being me” entails a serious and sincere desire to learn something new every single day. To be a better person every single day. To be smarter, better-informed, more knowledgeable, nicer, kinder, closer to God … every single day.In other words, “being me” means, I hope and pray, being a different, better person each and every day. I concluded long ago, that that is the proper way to be a person on God’s beautiful Earth. That’s why I adopted that particular state of mind. I even make so bold as to suggest that it’s the proper way for all humans to live their lives. ]

I don’t carry myself as a know-it-all. There is plenty I have to learn, especially when it comes to social issues, including racism. I DO KNOW that whether you like it or not, THIS IS A WHITE SUPREMACIST SOCIETY.

[America is, obviously, not a white supremacist society. If it were, you could point to one law, rule, process, procedure, policy, regulation … anything, anywhere, that unambiguously disfavors non-white people, or that favors white people, in America. Just one. And you can’t. Please don’t mention cop killings. Those statistics support my arguments, since far more white people are killed by the police than black people. Yes, yes, yes, more crime is committed by white people, but proportionately speaking, far more violent crime — circumstances in which there might be the possibility of deadly force by a policeman — is committed by black people. Sorry. Just the truth. America is obviously not a “White Supremacist Society,” and you have no evidence whatsoever that it is. Here’s the hard truth: whether you like it or not, THIS (America) IS OBVIOUSLY NOT A WHITE SUPREMACIST SOCIETY. I gather that much of your psyche, your ego, pride and self-respect are all rolled up in the notion that it’s just no fair out there for you, but that’s all just one Big Lie that the parasites atop the Race Grievance Industry have been feeding you, so that you’ll continue to whine about it, and they can continue to get rich.]

So, I’m going to keep blogging about racism no matter how much it bothers you, because I believe in my head and heart that it’s right to discuss problems that we face. We welcomed you, but liked I said, you’re only in it to talk and not listen. You were only there to argue and not help. You were there to troll around, not take our problems seriously and talk down to us. What kind of human being can do that and still think highly of him/herself or think of themselves as the real victims? Ask yourself that. Think about it.

[It doesn’t bother me in the slightest that you blog about racism. However, since you yourself are a self-confessed racist, I don’t see why anyone, except other racists trying to justify their own racism, should grant you any credence. Let’s be very clear: no one welcomed me at your place. The very first words out of someone were to sneer that I’m some racist white guy (I’m neither white, nor a guy), and that I should shut up and go away. Later, one of  your commenters — “diaryofanegress” I think — called for the extermination of all white people, which you immediately endorsed. No, your blog is not welcoming to people who disagree with you. And you never welcomed me. Ever. Yes, I was there to argue. Your state of mind is silly, and reflects serious ignorance of American society. I’d be untrue either to myself or to you if I were not to point that out. I took all your problems very seriously, but rarely did you mention any real problems that black people face in general in the United States. You insisted on trying to make the leap that anything that happened to you alone was proof that the whole country is racist. It wasn’t then, it isn’t now, and it never will be. You’ve never offered any kind of convincing evidence whatsoever that America is a racist, or even remotely a “white supremacist” society.]

Again, you may think differently. You may do the usual after reading this. And you will continue being xPraetorius. Maybe one day you’ll see your mistakes. Perhaps you will understand where we’re coming from. And you might actually try to make amends. Until that happens, if that happens, I bid you farewell and I wish you well.

[What is “the usual” that I might do after reading this? Tell you that you’re wrong? Okay. You’re telling me that I’m wrong. We’re even on that score. The difference is that I tell you what I tell you, using logic, facts and common sense. Whether you want to admit it or not, no racist, or white supremacist country ever could have a President Obama. And, yes, I voted against him, because he’s an idiot. But, no racist country — at least as you seem to consider “racist” to mean — could ever have elected Obama to the most powerful position in the history of the world … twice. Or even once. And he got into office on the votes of white people. Non-white people still represent less than 40% of the population, while white people are more than 60%. Facts. How about another fact: Non-white people are struggling to come here by the tens of millions from around the world. How horrible could this country be for non-white people if that’s the case? Surely the word would have got out by now. Another fact? Sure: If black people (1) finish high school, and (2) don’t have children out of wedlock, then their poverty rate is less than seven percent. I’ve told you all these facts before. And a whole lot more. You’ve told me … one-off anecdotes, and offered insults to my character and intelligence.  None of which hurt my feelings, by the way.

Despite it all, I still like you, BW. Your arguments are silly and meaningless, and you’re one headstrong, stubborn, tenacious hombre. But, you’re sincere, and you mean what you say. Simply: what you say is wrong, so you’re misguided.

My attempts to educate you are acts of kindness, not of malice. Your misinterpretation of what I say is your fault. I express myself pretty clearly. I’ve written many, many books, and I’m an expert on the umbrella topic of “Black People in America.” I’m an expert on that topic at many different levels, including historical, social, socio-economic, socio-political, religious and more. I’m practically a walking “Black Studies” encyclopedia. Your complaints that “I don’t listen,” are really nothing more than whining that I don’t come around to your silly arguments. It would be demeaning to you if I were to concede that your silly arguments were actually wise and insightful, and I won’t do that to you. Rather, I’ll treat you as an adult, and tell you where I disagree. If you feel the need then to try to insult my feelings, by calling me a racist white dude, well go right ahead. I promise — since I’m a not a white dude — you won’t hurt my feelings in the least. However, if I were a white dude, you still wouldn’t hurt my feelings, because I’m, obviously, not a racist.]

-Brotha Wolf

[– x]

END OF BW’s POST [and my comments]

Well, this might end up being my last interaction with Brothawolf, but I hope not. He commented on another recent post (here) asking me cryptically in what country I live. That was kind of a question out of the blue, and I have no idea why he would consider it relevant. I’m an American citizen, who’s spent many years in America. I have, however, spent many years abroad as well, and speak six languages, and have many friends on every continent in the world. I continue to travel frequently now in service to our country. That ought to suffice.

— xPraetorius









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