NPR Watch (2/3/17) – NPR Admits that Terrorists are Muslims

I was listening to National Public Radio’s (NPR) morning fake news program, called “Morning Edition” this morning, when it struck me. NPR regularly admits that terrorists are muslims!

Whenever anyone talks about taking measures to combat terrorism, NPR runs around finding this expert or that who will say that someone is trying to “start a war against Islam.” Every time. You don’t have to mention the word Islam at all, and NPR will do it. They know!

NPR never tries to suggest that terrorists aren’t all about Islam. Oh, they go on about how they don’t really “represent Islam.”

Today, however, NPR interviewed terrorism expert Sebastian Gorkha, and the interviewer, one Steve Inskeep, pressed Gorkha to tell him whether or not President Trump believes that “Islam is a religion.”(1) Gorkha refused to be drawn into the stupid question. The point: Inskeep was trying to paint Gorkha, and therefore Trump, into the corner of admitting that the travel ban is an anti-muslim travel ban, and therefore discriminates against people because of their religion. This is, of course, illegal in America.

You say “terrorism,” NPR says “muslim!” You say “terrorism,” NPR says “muslim!” You say “terrorism,” NPR says “muslim!” You say “terrorism,” NPR says “muslim!” You say “terrorism,” NPR says “muslim!”

Remember when the San Bernardino massacre happened, and NPR openly hoped that the shooters were angry white men? Before it was discovered that they were two … muslims. A man and a woman who had pledged allegiance to ISIS.

NPR admits that terrorists are muslims. Therefore they are choosing to refer to actual terrorists as muslims instead of terrorists. That’s why they never call an Allahu Akbar-screaming baboon who mows down people with a truck a terrorist. But he is. And NPR is admitting it, even if they don’t know they are.

One more point: if they didn’t actually understand that the face of terrorism is that of a muslim, then they’d point out to us all those acts of terrorism perpetrated by all those other groups. You know: all that Mormon terrorism, and Buddhist terrorism, and Irish terrorism. No one fears the Jews. No one fears any Christians, of any stripe.

There was, and still is, terrorism from other groups. Remember the IRA? Remember the Black Panthers? Remember Bill Ayers? Bernardine Dohrn? The problem: the scope, magnitude, barbarity and sheer horror that is Islamic terrorism has swamped our memory of all those other dirtbags.

— xPraetorius


(1) Of course it was a stupid question! However, NPR is of the left, and as we’ve documented in these pages numerous times, the left believes it can read minds.


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