More VERY Blunt Perspectives About Race (Part II)

In this post here, I explained, and demonstrated, that slavery in the past was the best thing that ever happened to 21st Century Black Americans.

Now, let’s tell a bit of the rest of the story.

Slavery in America was horrible. There’s simply no getting around it. Slavery anywhere is always horrible, and there’s no indication that the American version of slavery was any worse or better than slavery elsewhere.

However, that doesn’t for a moment change the fact that slavery in America was horrible. White people need to acknowledge that, and to understand that despite the fact that slavery’s been gone for more than a century and a half, its effects don’t just go away overnight.

The good news is that white people do get that, and have been doing their level best to acknowledge and atone for the obvious injustice of slavery for a very long time. Have they been doing it well? Not particularly. In bending over backward to acknowledge and atone, they went too far the other way and, particularly on the left, have been infantilizing Black Americans for decades now.

What we need to do is to treat black people like people in full. Because that’s what they are. Stop treating them as if they can’t fend for themselves, but make sure that we’re also guaranteeing equality of opportunity for political, economic and social advancement. Stop pretending that everything black people do culturally is good, and evaluate it honestly. Stop pretending that black people are tender little snowflakes who can’t handle a slight or a racist moron. Stop pretending that the pathologies of so much of the black population are not serious problems. They are. They’re problems for everybody. After all, these are our brothers and sisters.

We’re all guilty of it. I’m extra careful around black people, to be sure to be polite, and I understand that there’s a whole host of words that I can’t use, along with a whole passel of topics I’d better not broach.

I understand that the climate “out there” requires it. However, we need to do two things: (1) get rid of the climate that forces these silly stilted interactions, and (2) stop having silly, stilted interactions with Black Americans. We need to treat all people like people in full.

We white people do have a continuing debt to Black Americans. It’s no longer a monetary debt; that’s been covered in full, and them some. And it certainly didn’t do them any good. But it could have. And it was what they, the ones on the left that is, demanded. What we did wrong was to allow only the left to speak for Black Americans. If we’d allowed the right to speak for Black Americans too, we’d have had some real policies that would have done real good. As Chief Justice John Roberts said once, “The way to stop discriminating by race is to stop discriminating by race.”

Instead, by allowing only the left to speak for Black Americans, the only “solutions” that were allowed into debate were things that kept racial discrimination in place, but called it something else, like “Affirmative Action.” The solution from the right would have been simple and effective: “Stop discriminating by race.”

What’s needed now, though, is some serious honesty toward Black Americans, and some real concern for their plight today. Black Americans are under assault today, and it’s by leftist policies. We need to stop those awful, condescending, infantilizing policies, and we need to get back to being really good at ensuring equal opportunity for all.

We need to treat Black Americans like people in full. Because they are.

— xPraetorius




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