Black Americans: Do You Want To Prosper in America Today? (Part II)

In this post here, I outlined the things that Black Americans can do to guarantee the greatest possibility for success in America today. As it turns out, those are just the things that we kind of consider the very basics for all people to do if they want to prosper in America.

In other words, when we view someone who’s down and out, and we ask him what happened, invariably we find that the person didn’t do the things we outlined in our post. Here are those things, and they’re really simple: (1) get an education, (2) work hard, (3) learn to speak well, (4) learn to interact well with others, and (5) present yourself more or less normally.

That’s it.

Well. Doesn’t seem all that difficult, now does it? I was watching/listening to a YouTube video this afternoon, and learned something that helps to illustrate my point:

For black couples, who have a kid — two-parent households — the poverty rate is seven percent.

Yep. Seven. Seven is one of those numbers you have to write out, because it’s too small to write as just a numeral.

Here’s another interesting statistic:

For all people, of those who (1) graduate from high school, (2) don’t have a child out of wedlock, and (3) get a job, the poverty rate is less than two percent. That’s it. If you start from that basis, you have a greater than 98% chance of never being poor in America!

Yep Less than two percent. “Two” is another one of those numbers you have to write out, because it’s so small that … well, you know.

If you then build on that just a tad — add in my five things enumerated above, then you dramatically increase your chances actually to prosper in America.

Yet, when I pointed these things out to black people, this one in particular said I was a racist. Of course. In the post linked above, he said I was “whitesplaining” to black people how to achieve success in America. Yet, he has no idea what my race is.

Besides, this “whitesplaining” thing is phony codswallop anyway. Does real truth change just because of the color of the skin of the one delivering it? Of course not.

The one who accused me of “whitesplaining” never even made a tiny attempt to rebut my points, pretty much proving that he didn’t have a counter-argument. He simply said I was a racist, and spent the rest of his response attacking my character, and insisting that I just don’t get it, all while assuming that I’m white.

I don’t get it? Maybe. I certainly don’t get how anyone could possibly object to my letting black people in particular in on a sure-fire way to give themselves the best chance to succeed — over 99%! — in America!

Statistically speaking, it sure seems as though it’s easy to accomplish the three things that will guarantee anyone the greatest possibility of avoiding poverty in America. And it sure seems easy to do that little extra — my five things — to give oneself the greatest possibility of actual prosperity.

Wouldn’t you think that it would be deeply racist not to let black people in on the secret? I would.

— xPraetorius


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