NPR Watch (3/7/17) — The FASCISTS Are Coming!!!


 NPR Worries About Fascistic Tendencies in the American Government! Wow! ‘Bout Flargin’ Time!!!

Oh, that’s right — a Republican is in the White House now. [face palm]

Bottom Line: What a bunch of pantywaist, wimpy, milquetoast, marshmallow, snowflake fascists they [The Trump Admin.] are! If I’ve got to be ruled by fascists, then please, please, please, please, please, please, please let me be ruled by these fascists!

I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) yesterday on the ride home. It was their evening fake news program, comically named, “All Things Considered.” They aired a feature in which their anchor, the hyper-pompous Robert Siegel asked some moron about a book he’d written. I remember neither the name of the moron, nor of the book he was writing. Needless to say, though, the writer and his book focused on all that fascistic stuff coming from the Trump Administration, and the signs that, now at least, sure look like Germany just before the Nazis took over.

Yuh. Seriously?!? What a moron.

Where in the world was National Public Radio in the past eight years?!? Where were they when the IRS admitted to denying basic civil rights to tens of millions of Americans? Where were they in the past years, when on college campuses all over the country, real fascistic acts — the stifling of Conservatives’ free speech — was, and is, going on? Think of Milo Yiannopoulos at Berkeley, Charles Murray at Middlebury, Ann Coulter, Dinesh D’Souza, Ben Shapiro, David Horowitz (the list goes on and on) just about anywhere…

The only ones clamoring to shut people up in America are the baboons on the left. The only ones whining to outlaw certain types of thought, speech, discourse are … the baboons on the left. The only ones shouting, screaming, bludgeoning, bullying, shoving, pushing, shrieking down anyone who disagrees with them are … on the left.

Yep. You read it right.

You’ll hear all day about all those scary fascists on the right coming for your rights. Yet, you and I both know that you and I can go out there right now, wherever and whenever we please, and shout and scream and holler imprecations about Donald J. Trump’s character, his dishonesty, his racism, his stupidity (though, he is a billionaire… are you? 🙂 ), his … evil … and no one in Trump’s America will lift the teentsiest-weentsiest finger to stop us. On college campuses, in the town square, in the media, in Hollywood, in pop culture … anywhere in America.

What a bunch of pantywaist, wimpy, milquetoast, marshmallow, snowflake fascists they must be! If I’ve got to be ruled by fascists, then please, please, please, please, please, please, please let me be ruled by these fascists!

Or, NPR, and the rest of the left … are lying. Or, they’re slack-jawed, slope-headed, huge brow-ridged, drooling, knuckle-dragging stooooooopid. Don’t rule out the possibility that both are true.

Want more?

The great Kevin Williamson has kindly cataloged for us some of the more important depredations of the Obama Administration … about which not a blessed peep from the media could be heard for the past eight years.

Here’s a snippet from that piece. I’ve helpfully numbered the places where Williamson begins a new point:

The Obama administration left us with a poison bouquet, [1] a federal government whose investigatory agencies are thoroughly corrupted, politicized, and untrustworthy. [2] We know for a fact that the Internal Revenue Service, acting after demands from Democratic elected officials, targeted conservative-leaning activist groups for investigation and harassment, and that this harassment was outrageous, [3] including demands that religiously oriented organizations disclose the very contents of their prayers. [4] We know that that Internal Revenue Service illegally and maliciously leaked information about the donors of the National Organization for Marriage, in order to facilitate political and financial retaliation against them. [5] We know that evidence, including e-mails, was destroyed to subvert investigation into this criminal conspiracy, and that [6] congressional Democrats went to extraordinary lengths to protect IRS officials from being punished for their wrongdoing. [7] We know that one of the key figures in that case, Lois Lerner, is enjoying a large federal pension rather than a small federal prison cell. [8] We know that the Department of Justice was wildly politicized during the Obama years, doing Democrats’ bidding on everything from voter-intimidation cases to the Clinton e-mail case. [9] We know that the National Labor Relations Board was used as a political weapon to try to punish Boeing for setting up new production in Republican-leaning South Carolina rather than Democratic-leaning Washington State. [10] We know that the ATF was used to audit a business whose owners were not involved in A, T, or F, but who were involved in election-reform projects, and that [11] the same firm was targeted by OSHA and the IRS. [12] We know that a politicized EPA was involved in such extraordinary shenanigans that its director felt the need to set up a pseudonymous e-mail account in order to hide her activities from ordinary oversight. Even our Democratic friends have concluded that the FBI under the Obama administration was politicized, though they cannot quite seem to make up their minds about the direction or intent of it.

Barack Obama liked to talk about capital-H History, about “making History” and being “on the right side of History.” And though he may not go down as a particularly consequential figure (much of the drama of the Obama years was just that: drama), [13] Obama will be remembered by the historians for a few things: [14] for being the first black man elected president in a country with a complicated, ugly, and brutal history on the issue of race; [15] for attempting to walk away from U.S. commitments in the Middle East only to reinvade Iraq, [16] lose a game of chicken in Syria, [17] misunderstand the nature and the aims of the Arab Spring, and send U.S. forces into nebulously defined conflicts in several African countries; and [18] for being the first president to institute a policy of assassination of U.S. citizens as a matter of national security. But [19] what probably will end up being most consequential about President Obama is the corruption, which was systemic despite his media sycophants’ insipid insistence that his was a presidency without scandal. [20] The corruption of the Obama administration was not of the apple-stealing/intern-bothering Clinton variety, but the much more serious matter of perverting necessary public institutions for political purposes. [21] He oversaw this at the federal level and inspired it at the state level: [22] Consider all those Democratic attorneys general banding together to shake down Exxon and lean on free-market think tanks such as the Competitive Enterprise Institute, or [23] Kamala Harris’s campaign to do to California’s conservative activists what the IRS did to the National Organization for Marriage, demanding donor lists.

An important note: In that rather impressive(1) bill of particulars, any one of the items would have sufficed to begin impeachment proceedings against a Republican President.

— xPraetorius


(1) I’ve often wondered about the paths that people’s lives have taken. For example, if Josef Stalin had made up his mind at, say, 10-years old, that he wanted to go out into the world and murder 60 million people, what do you think he would come up with as a plausible strategy to accomplish that goal? Easy: become the leader of an incomprehensibly huge Socialist country from 1929 to 1953. That’s all there is to it. Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Ho Chi Minh, the Kim family… all figured it out. What’s the common element?

Socialism. The ideology of death.


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