The Racists Strike Back!

Bottom Line: Brothawolf has responded (to this essay). As one would expect, he proved that he didn’t understand a thing in the essay, and in so doing, he pretty much confirmed my point for me. 

The hapless Brothawolf (BW) has taken the bait. Again.

In this post, we gave a “recipe” for success for Black Americans. In that post we said that “white racism” would not be a big problem for them. We further indicated that if Black Americans were to follow our “recipe” then they’d have the same chance for success in America as anyone else.

Furthermore, we pointed to two black racist blogs (here and linked above), that we’ve followed for quite a while now, that are obsessed with white racism. In those blogs the state of mind is: Black Americans can’t succeed because of the insurmountable obstacle that white racism represents.

Well, Brothawolf has responded. As one would expect, he proved that he didn’t understand a thing in my essay, and in so doing, he pretty much confirmed my point for me.

I’ll reproduce BrothaWolf’s post below, with my own in-line commentary in [square brackets and red font]. As an additional service to you, our loyal readers, each time BW demonstrates a fundamental failure to understand something, I’ll highlight it in blue, in his text, and comment on it [in red] immediately afterward. (Note: We’d respond to BW on his blog, but he’s blocked us. A racist, and a bully, is nothing if not a flaming coward.)

Without further ado, here’s BW’s rejoinder to us, with our comments:

Conservative blogger whitesplains how Black America can be successful

  • Get an education — go at least through college (get a real education. No “African-Americans Studies” or other nonsense. Get an education that will allow you to provide a good or service for the next forty or so years)
  • Learn to speak English well
  • Work hard
  • Present yourself more or less normally to others
  • Interact normally with others
  • No tattoos.
  • Do what you can to keep your family together.
  • Stay married, so that your children have the greatest possible opportunity to succeed too.

It’s as simple as that, folks. xPrae believes this is what will guarantee life, liberty and happiness [Notice that I never said this. I did say this: “guarantee yourself a vastly better chance at real prosperity.A chance. Not a guarantee. There are no guarantees in life. And we never said there were. If, however, you want to give yourself the best chance in life, I do assure you (okay, okay, I guarantee) that you need to do at least the first six bullets above.] for us poor, downtrodden blacks in a country that’s a virtual utopia for us. [I never said this. I did say that America is the “freest country this world has ever seen.” Go ahead, prove me wrong. Side Note: I learned yesterday that a number of universities are going to treat the “descendants of slaves” the same as the children of alumni, in terms of tuition. What do you think those descendants are saying now? How about: “Well, I’m sure glad that great-great-great-great-great-great-great granddad got dragged over here against his will two centuries ago!” This echoes what we’ve said in these pages: “By far, the best thing that ever happened to Black Americans is that their ancestors were brought here to America against their will so many decades ago.“]

For those who don’t understand how this could possibly be offensive, allow me to translate each point: [Interesting how advice to “get educated, learn to speak well, work hard, interact well with others, etc.” — advice that we suggest pertains to all people — is offensive to BW. 🙂 ]

  • xPrae believes that learning is a vital venture when it comes to success. But for black folks, it’s a sure thing. [As it is for white folks, asians, Hispanics, etc.] Except don’t learn about your history in America because that’s stupid. [Nope. Didn’t say this. I did suggest that Black Americans obtain a college degree that would allow them to get the skills necessary to be meaningfully employed. Again, this is the same advice that we give to all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, background of any kind. Sure, learn all about “African-American History,” but as a hobby. You shouldn’t expect that an undergrad or a graduate degree in such studies will lead to prosperity.] He doesn’t think African American studies is considered ‘real education’. [BW got this one right. Sort of. I come to this from personal experience. My first undergrad degree — French, with a double minor in Russian and Political Science — was not in a discipline for which I should have expected to find a great, high-paying job. Needless to say, I didn’t find a high-paying job with that degree, but then did find one in a hobby that I’d pursued for some years. I got lucky. The topics of my first undergrad degree remain burning passions of mine … but they don’t put a roof over my kids’ heads.] So, I guess we have to learn about all the jolly s**t only white people [Again, BW has no idea what color my skin is.] did since time immemorial as a first step to reaching the top for a limited time only (40 or so years.) [Nope: my advice pertained to all people. If you re-read my essay and substitute for “black” the word “asian,” or “female” or “Pacific Islander” or even “white” the advice would be just as sound, just as pertinent and (except for “white”) completely uncontroversial.]
  • xPrae suggests that black people need to ‘speak well’ [Yep. I’m enjoying this, because I also suggest that everyone needs to speak well to give himself a leg up in his effort to succeed. As I mentioned above, there are no guarantees, so you need to give yourself the best chance you can. The ability to speak well is another tool in your belt. And it’s free to learn how to do it! Why on earth would you not learn to speak well?!? More to the point: why on earth would you be offended when someone clues you in to this basic truth?] in order to navigate in today’s world. I assume he means speaking the king’s English. I also assume that he thinks we’re not smart enough to know how to speak when it comes to the workplace, [Note: BW assumes I’m saying that. His assumption is really stupid, and discredits his entire silly response. Would I suggest to someone that he learn to speak well if I thought he couldn’t do it? Of course not!] or worse, he thinks we hate speaking properly. [Note: BW links to Practically ’nuff said! 🙂 Left-wing hack site, filled to overflowing with race-baiters and Race Grievance Industry hucksters. However, this linked essay is not bad at all, and actually confirms what we’ve been saying in other posts. For this post, though, it’s irrelevant, and just more flailing by BW who has no coherent answers to our essay.] Yes, black people have their own dialect. We call it ‘Ebonics’. But we know when to use it and when not to use it when necessary. [Nor did I ever say not to learn “Ebonics.” Have at it, and enjoy it! I speak six languages, four fluently. I love language, and studying language. However, learn, as BW says, “the King’s English” too. Again, this is advice to all people. There should be nothing controversial at all about it. That BW finds it to be offensive, neatly confirms a lot of what I said in the essay to which BW is trying to respond. I offered the advice, because it’s solid and true, and because there are plenty of black people who have not followed it.]
  • xPrae obviously believes in the bootstrap myth. [There is no “bootstrap” myth. There is a stark, simple truth: the harder you work, the better your chances to succeed. This is true for all people, in all circumstances, at all times. Again, this should not be controversial.] Working hard will lead you to the American dream, also known as meritocracy. [Nope. BW has a serious problem with reading comprehension. Working hard will give you the greatest chance for success. It will not guarantee success. More to the point: nothing guarantees success … anywhere, anytime.] He believes that failing is an individual problem, never due to institutional and systemic factors that stifles the realities black people have faced and are facing which has been documented for years. [Here, BW confirms what I said in my original essay. These are the invisible things that only those with the secret password and the decoder ring can discern.]  They simply don’t exist to him, and black people who fall short only have themselves to blame. [And they are to blame. If, that is, they don’t “follow the recipe.” Anyone would be “to blame,” regardless of race or any other irrelevant consideration, if they don’t “follow the recipe.”]
  • xPrae advises that we should present ourselves as ‘normal’ to others, more or less. But he hasn’t explained that ‘normal’ looks like. So, he left that one pretty vague. We can only assume at this point what he truly meant. [I did offer the beginnings of what “normal” looks like. It’s contained in the “no tattoos” explanation. However, we all know what “normal” looks like. If I really have to detail it for anyone, then that person has spent far too little time actually contemplating what he needs to do to obtain a good job. This is yet another irrelevant distraction that helps to prove my point.]
  • We should interact normally with others. Again, what does xPrae mean by ‘normally’? What is normal to him? [More irrelevant distraction. Everyone knows what “interact normally  with others” means. If you need greater explanation, then, again, you haven’t spent nearly enough time figuring out what you need to do to obtain a good job. However, I’ll offer an additional bit here: when you interact with others, you should eliminate any irrelevant things on or about your person that might cause another person discomfort.]
  • xPrae must think only black people have this affinity for tattoos. [Nope. You’ll note that I said only that the two leading commonalities among prison inmates are (1) raised in single-mother household, and (2) tattoos. Therefore, again, the advice not to obtain a tatoo pertains to … all people. We can reasonably hope that BW considers Black Americans to be part of the group defined as “all people.”] And he must also believe that we’re that stupid not to know better. Where did he get this idea from, Bill O’Reilly? [Where did BW get the idea that he could read minds? Oh, yes — the Race Grievance Industry. It’s the RGI that tells Black Americans that they know how to read the minds of white people, all while insisting that white people couldn’t possibly understand black people’s experiences. In other words, BW believes that he has superior capabilities to those of white people, based solely on his race.Well, he does admit that he’s a racist. Too bad he can’t seem to prove he’s not an idiot. He’s not, by the way, but this post of his doesn’t give you any indication of that. 🙂 ]
  • I actually agree with his suggestion to keep family together. But again, it’s suspect since he placed this in a list of things Black Americans must do to achieve success. [Nope. It’s not suspect advice at all. A massive problem among Black Americans is the annihilation of the traditional mother-father family that Democrat Party policies have brought about. This is also a growing white problem. However, if I’d offered my advice to white people, BW would have been the very first to call me a toxic racist. BW fell into a trap here of his own making, and again, neatly proves my point. For many decades, we on the right have insisted that Black Live Matter. Apparently, though, those black lives matter only to us Conservatives. They certainly don’t matter one bit to the Race Grievance Industry or to Brothawolf (or to the movement so poorly named “Black Lives Matter.”)]
  • Lastly, xPrae thinks staying married with kids will ensure success for their kids. I guess he doesn’t think children can be successful from single parent homes. [Nope. Note that I said “single-mother” households. There is insufficient data on single-father households (mine, for example), but I’m figuring that such circumstances will produce their own problems. It’s such common knowledge now that by far the most advantageous circumstances for children is: the traditional mother-father household, that I truly don’t feel the need to cite studies. Please feel free to disagree.] But like all his other points, he provides little to no explanation or reference links to further elaborate his views.

xPraetorius has also warned black people to be wary of those calling themselves black leaders. He thinks they, whoever they are, are lying through their teeth about institutional racism and white supremacist thinking.[Wrong. The so-called Black Leaders are not lying. They’re doing worse. They’ve fabricated a bunch of such vague, abstract, ephemeral, ill-defined accusations and obstacles that there’s no way to argue against them. If there’s even such a thing as “institutional racism,” then someone should be able to point to a law, or a rule, or a practice, or a policy that absolutely represents a form of racism across an entire institution. The RGI has never produced such a policy or practice or rule … because they can’t. There aren’t any. Are there individual doofuses with stupid notions? Of course! But no one can produce any evidence whatsoever that there’s something like “institutional racism” out there. Likewise, there’s no evidence of any such thing as widespread “white supremacist thinking,” while there’s vast evidence that there is not such thinking extant. More to the point, there’s no way to know for certain what anyone’s thinking. In the absence of that, we have to go on what they say and do, and there’re simply no “white supremacist things” being said or done out there. Sorry. There just aren’t.]  On top of that, he thinks we’re the ones telling black people we can’t do this or that. This is coming from someone who professes on being insightful about the world around him. But his list questions if he ever so much as met a black person in his entire life or that he learned from watching Fox News. [Lol! I love this one! This very neatly proves my point that it’s the Left that engages wholesale in confirmation bias. I listen to opposing viewpoints. (search “NPR Watch” in this blog.) In making this tired, old accusation, BW says also that he doesn’t watch FOX News. Okay, you tell me another network that gives Conservatives a real voice. 🙂 BIG point to xPraetorius.]

And as usual, he took this post as another opportunity to talk smack me and Abagond, yet again. [BW admits he’s a racist. Abagond is one. I claim the right to “talk smack” with racists. I’m an anti-racism American. I might even be a Black American. 🙂 ] He even claims that Abagond is one of those who believe that black people can’t achieve squat despite evidence to the contrary. But as usual, xPrae provides no evidence. [Do I really need to? Shouldn’t the name Obama be enough? 🙂 ]

I have to wonder what kind of world is xPrae living in where he thinks his views are objective. [I’ve never even come close to saying this. My views are subjective. Duh! This is an opinion blog. I’ve never pretended otherwise.] I have not heard one prominent black figure discourage black people from succeeding anything. Most of that dispiritedness came from white racists since day one doing everything they can to make sure the majority doesn’t reach alpha status. But as someone so detached from reality that he thinks racism isn’t a big problem in one article but cries about how me and another black blogger are racist towards him and white people overall because of the skin color [And, in that post, we never once even suggested that black racism toward whites is a big problem for white people, did we now, BW? Hmmmm…? Black racism is a bigger problem than white racism, but it is not a big problem.] and not because he and white racist trolls have been insulting, ignorant and condescending, he doesn’t see it that way and doesn’t want to.

I guess that’s why xPrae didn’t bother to write about – say – the Charleston church shooting. [Why would I write about the acts of a single psychotic? He represents … absolutely no one. There’s not one single, solitary, lonely person of any prominence whatsoever who suggests that DR (Let’s not use his name) was right in doing what he did. The horrible mass murder in the Charleston church, and its extreme rarity, are evidence in support of what we said …not against it.] He probably doesn’t think it was racially motivated or that it didn’t happen altogether. [See the above comment. This is an irrelevant distraction. At the same time, I recognize that BW is genuinely hurting about that mass murder. As am I. And not one iota less than BW. If I were prone to bad language, I’d say F*** You! to BW for having the loathsome  gall to presume that I, or anyone like me, was unaffected by the shooting. People — family members, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers — died in that slaughter. All people took a sucker punch to the stomach at that news. Read this well: If there’s anything that baldly, starkly, proves the RGI’s omphaloskepsistic self-obsession, or their stupidity, or their racism, then it’s the previous assertion of BW’s. Re-read BW’s assertion well, it comprehensively indicts him and the rest of the Race Grievance Industry as the self-obsessed, vicious, immoral people they are.] xPrae’s textbook conservatism and delusional mindset that spawns white paternalism, white denial, white egotism and, of course, white racism is his gospel as seen in his blog and his comments.  It is his way, the truth and the light. [BW’s flailing in his big finish. However, he probably thinks he’s kicking it in to the finish line. It’s kind of pathetic.] And his obsession with outspoken black bloggers continues as he sees us as part of the problem with black people. Not him. Never him. [I guess this was supposed to be the stirring coda to BW’s silly response to my post. His post, though, did end up effectively confirming all my points … as I expected it would. In the above post, we see that Brothawolf transparently revealed himself to be an unrepentant racist, and a poorly-informed, literacy-challenged, self-obsessed troglodyte.]

I welcome comments from everyoneEspecially those who might disagree. If, though, you do disagree, do try to be rational and coherent. Try to stay away from the slop that pervades BW’s post.

— xPraetorius

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