Is Obama a COMPLETE Moron? (maybe a double agent?)

If Obama bugged Trump when he was Candidate Trump, then Obama is a complete idiot. This is Watergate times 1,000.

Remember, after the election, when everyone said of Hillary Clinton, “no, she shouldn’t be jailed for exposing hyper-hyper-classified information to hostile, foreign hostile powers.” If she were jailed, that would be wrong, and it would send the wrong message.

Remember all that?

And, it was just okay to bug the candidate for the party in opposition to the one in the White House? Really? Are you flargin’ kidding?!? Did the Soviet Union die and go, to possess the American Democrat Party?

Maybe Obama’s a double agent, and knows that someone, somewhere would — obviously — stumble across this. However, if Obama’s a complete moron, then he probably wouldn’t know this. It’s all getting confusing!

We said, many, many, many, many, many, many, many times that the Left are overrun with a totalitarian, third-world, tinpot dictator mindset. People use the adjective “Nixonian.” This is “Nixonian” on steroids. Time for the adjective “Obamian?”

— xPraetorius


6 thoughts on “Is Obama a COMPLETE Moron? (maybe a double agent?)

    1. Yep. Frankly, I’d be surprised if this were the extent of it. My evidence? The IRS activities to deny basic civil rights to tens of millions of Americans.

      The Obama Administration was, by far, the most corrupt administration in living memory … and that includes the Johnson Administration.

      I’d be thoroughly shocked if the Obama Admin had not engaged in active surveillance of vastly more than just Trump.


      — x

  1. Everything they do can be explained by one marker: pathological arrogance. I allows its afflicted to act in ways which are unfathomably stupid because they believe they are above the rules and that even if what they do becomes known, their acts ought to and will be excused or even applauded. Unfortunately, experience has borne out the truth of the last part.

        1. Oops! My apologies for the misidentification, MB! I suspect that Tricia would consider it a compliment to be misidentified as you as well! 🙂


          — x

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