Black Americans: Do You Want To Prosper in America Today?

Bottom Line: Ignore your so-called “leadership.” Ignore especially anyone claiming to be a “Black Leader.” These are the people telling you that you can’t. Prosper, that is.

Black Americans: do you want to prosper in America, the richest and (still) freest country the world has ever seen?

Here’s the first part of the recipe (full recipe at bottom, if you want to skip):

  • Get an education — go at least through college (get a real education. No “African-Americans Studies” or other nonsense. Get an education that will allow you to provide a good or service for the next forty or so years)
  • Learn to speak English well
  • Work hard
  • Present yourself more or less normally to others
  • Interact normally with others

That’s it. That’s the effort part of the recipe. The stuff you actually have to do in order to succeed in America. Oh, and by the way, we expect all that of everyone, regardless of race, background, sex, or anything else. You should have no illusions that you’re exempt from at least the basics.

Now, consider these two things: Thing 1: Regardless of race, ethnicity, or anything else, (1) If you finish high school (just high school) and (2) don’t have children outside of the bond of marriage, you have a 95% chance of living at least a middle class life. At least. Read that last several times, and let it sink in. If you do the other five things in the bullet list at top, you guarantee yourself a vastly better chance at real prosperity.

Thing 2: Do you know what are by far the two most common characteristics of the prison population today? Simple: (1) Raised by a single mother, and (2) tattoos.

Now, all the way back to the top. The “Black Leadership” of today are the noxious jackasses whose sole message to black Americans is: You Can’t.

Why? Oh, because of a whole bunch of invisible things that only they can see: institutional racism, white supremacist thinking, etc. Here is a simple truth: if you do the five things in the bullet list above, and avoid having children out of wedlock, then racism will be, by far, the very least of your worries.

Here are two blogs — card-carrying members of the Race Grievance Industry. Poisonous purveyors of the toxic message, You Can’t. Blog #1: Brothawolf — admits right out in the open that he’s a racist. Here is an example of someone, who’s not stupid, but who has absorbed — lock, stock and barrel — the noxious, false message of the Race Grievance Industry, that white racism and white supremacist thinking is all around, and is just waiting to squash his valiant efforts to succeed in America. Which, if you think about it, is a great excuse not even to try. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever believe that you can’t.

Blog #2: Abagond. This is the guy who, quite simply, has become everything he says he so loathes. And you can’t get this guy off the message that Black Americans Can’t, despite massive evidence to the contrary.

Now, here’s another simple human truth: If you believe you can’t then you’re right. So-called “Black Leaders” — and the Race Grievance Industry — are telling you that You Can’t. Ignore them. Because you can, and many of you — who did ignore the parasitical “Black Leaders” —  have succeeded and prospered in America.

Here’s The Full Recipe for Black American Success:

  • First and foremost: Ignore anyone who says you can’t.
  • Get an education — go at least through college.
  • Learn to speak well.
  • Work hard.
  • Present yourself more or less normally to others.
  • Interact normally with others.
  • No tattoos.
  • Do what you can to keep your family together.
  • Stay married, so that your children have the greatest possible opportunity to succeed too.

At top, I suggest that you ignore anyone claiming to be a “Black Leader.” You’d ignore anyone claiming to be a “White Leader,” right? You’d, rightly, claim that the so-called “White Leader” is a racist. So’s the so-called “Black Leader.” Run as far and fast away from his or her toxic self as you can.

Be your own leader. Think for yourself.

— xPraetorius





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