Oscars — Whatever (Some Brief Remarks)

  • The Oscars: The empty-headed self-obsessed, in a four-hour orgy of empty-headed self-obsession. No thanks. Didn’t watch ’em. The only way I’d have watched ’em is if I’d been sentenced to do so.
  • They spent, how many hundreds of millions of dollars on this whine and dine fest. Couldn’t they have spent, say, a million bucks on the thing, and given the rest to cancer research?
  • At the end, they mucked up the Best Picture announcement. Yawn. Couldn’t care less.
  • Why is it so prestigious to win one of these things? Haven’t they handed out something like 60,000 of ’em over the years? They hand ’em out like candy!
  • I’m not a big movie buff, and still I guarantee you I wouldn’t recognize more than 99% of all recipients, and that makes sense. However, I guarantee you that a real movie buff wouldn’t recognize more than, say, 98% of all recipients.
  • Some poor schlub, or schlubs, will lose his or their job(s) over the end-of-show muck-up. Shame. Such a trivial thing, of such little consequence.
  • Movies are entertainment. They might have wonderful or stupid things to say, but here’s the bottom line: they’re not actually important. They reflect only what someone else thinks. Someone who just might be wrong in what he thinks.
  • Word has it that all the bloviating was left-wing. Though, you and I both know it, there were Conservatives in the audience. Here’s an observation: whenever a whole bunch of people present a unanimous perspective, that’s the very first indication that other opposing perspectives are being actively suppressed.
  • When you have the appearance of unanimity, you also frequently have the quashing of dissent. This is the hallmark of third-world, tinpot dictatorships. Yes, the culture of Hollywood has the most in common with totalitarian dictatorships.

— xPraetorius


2 thoughts on “Oscars — Whatever (Some Brief Remarks)

  1. I never watch it, but in seeing the clips I did feel sympathy for the erroneous winners, asked to the stage to then be globally humiliated. That said, how would it matter if they just let the wrong victor stand? Except for the fortunes of a winner vs. a “loser”, who cares and are any of the films really that different?

    Their panic to correct their mistake tells all. The wrong winner, La La Land, has been criticized as a celebration of jazz starring an all-white cast. Probably rightly criticized, as we all know there ain’t no place whiter, more class-conscious, or race- retrograde as Hollywood. They had to demonstrate that they appreciated the true winner: an autobiography of a gay black man.

    There is nothing left of our artistic culture but virtue-signaling.

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