I DO Love This Song!

It’s probably only because three of the finest guitarists who ever lived(1) are playing in it.

Plus, I love that they use the song as a jam tune for three acoustic guitars(2). Granted, in general it’s a showpiece for the wonderful Vlatko Stefanovski, but the great Stochelo Rosenberg is in it too. And … the percussionist is … Tommy Emmanuel.

Reminds me of that wonderful old joke of which the punchline is: “I don’t know who he was, but his chauffeur was the Pope.”

— xPraetorius


(1) And I’m a guitarist. Though not one of the three finest who ever lived. Heck, I’ve barely cracked the top ten. 🙂

(2) And there ought to be a whole flargin’ lot more jam tunes for three or more guitars. JMHO

2 thoughts on “I DO Love This Song!

  1. Funny, my cousin used to play a version of this on the bouzouki. This is a hasapiko dance having its origin in Constantinople. I always liked this music.
    You seem to like music from the balkans.
    Enjoy this instrumental from the great bouzouki player Giorgos Zambetas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWnW7rW3jPg

    This is a very different but great version of the same song with vocals.

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