It’s Worth Repeating (2-12-17)

We said it here:

A rugged truth, maybe, but a truth nonetheless: In the case of a real existential threat, strong, young men would go out to die in horrific ways, while comfortable, pampered young women would stay behind to stare at their navels, and their painted toenails, and whine about how oppressed they are.

This is not a knock against women at all, to the contrary. Rather it’s a knock against Feminism, which is really nothing more than another fraudulent way for leftists to grab power.

Leftists are banking on the premise that they can convince enough western women that they are downtrodden and oppressed, and that it’s generally men’s fault, so that women will vote for leftists in Congress and the Presidency.

We disagree with their premise. Women aren’t that stupid, even if the left are convinced they are.

— xPraetorius

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