The Left Are Admitting They’re Wrong — Or They Think You’re Stupid — or Both

Well, we know they think you’re stupid. Remember Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber? He didn’t know he was being recorded when he said that your stupidity allowed them to sneak Obamacare past you. Such open admissions are commonplace chez the left and their political arm, the Democrat Party.

However, today they’ve revealed something else. All over the land, and most notoriously on college campuses, but in other important locales as well, leftists are doing their level best to prevent any debate from happening at all. In doing so, they admit their own insecurity in the strength of their arguments.

If you were supremely confident in your ability to do, well, anything, would you shy away from doing it? No, of course not. If you were supremely confident, it would mean you’d worked, and studied, and researched, and analyzed, and debated — with yourself and others — and you’d honed, and refined, and crafted your thinking and argumentation to a point where you believe you could best anyone at whatever the topic or activity might be. It would mean that you’d have a passion for that topic or activity that had led you to develop your skill level or your knowledge to such elevated heights.

It would mean you’d seek out debate, being sure that could thump any comer. It’s how I am with the guitar, with language, with ping pong, with politics and current affairs. It used to be how I was with baseball. In the field of competition or debate, I’ve always eagerly sought out ever more capable or knowledgeable opponents, in order to see just how good I was. With the guitar, I arrived at a point where I’d listen to myself and say, “Wow! I can do that?!?” As a result, I then sought out — and continue to seek out — ever better guitarists with whom to play. And I’ve played with some of the best in the world.

Under no circumstances would I try to avoid testing my skills or ideas with those at the top. Yet avoiding the debate is the very hallmark of the American left:

  • On college campuses they shout down right-wing speakers, or prevent them from speaking altogether. This has become commonplace now. At American freakin’ universities!
  • In the media, Conservative thinkers are actively excluded from all but a few media outlets.
  • Hollywood aggressively blacklists anyone known to be Conservative. Those who are conservative in Hollywood, and remain successful, do so because they revealed their Conservatism long after they had become hugely famous. Eastwood, Willis, Stallone, Sorbo, etc.
  • While aggressively avoiding any actual points in a debate, they make up clearly transparent lies to present their ideas to the people:
    • The “travel ban” is a “muslim ban.”
    • Abortion is about a “woman’s choice” and not the death of something or someone.
    • They love “choice” when it comes to killing a baby, but not for poor kids going to school.
    • Disagreement with President Obama during his tenure in the Oval Office was prima facie proof of racism.
    • Benghazi was about a video.
    • No corruption at the IRS.
    • Taxation is “investment.”
    • Affirmative Action is not race-based discrimination.
    • Killing Gramdma is “compassionate.”
    • They’re all about free speech … unless, though, you don’t agree with them. In which case: shut up.
  • Pose a counter-argument to any of the above transparent lies, and immediately — another transparent lie — you’re a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a whatever. Furthermore, you want kids to starve and Grandma to suffer.

History tells us a simple truth: all régimes that silence dissent do so because they’re unsure they can actually convince the people of the wisdom of their ideas or thinking.

In all cases, history then shows that those ideas were stupid. And deeply harmful to people.

Look around you. Look at the colleges. At the high schools, and the media and Hollywood. Who’s avoiding debate by silencing or excluding those who might disagree with them? Who’s stifling discussion with toxic name-calling?

Now, who’s insecure about their ideas? Therefore, who does history tell us has the ideas that are actually harmful to people?

— xPraetorius

5 thoughts on “The Left Are Admitting They’re Wrong — Or They Think You’re Stupid — or Both

    1. Bingo, Mike! My theory is that at the top echelons of the Democrat Party they realize that they’re where they are thanks to a tissue of lies, corruption and up-front and behind-the-scenes fraud. Therefore, they believe, the Republicans do that too!

      However, I submit that the Republicans learned the lessons of Watergate well, to wit: (1) they’re under constant and hostile scrutiny by the press, and (2) therefore they need to be cleaner than squeaky clean, or else lose any chance of winning elections.

      Right or wrong, they then implemented a kind of internal purge mechanism that aggressively kept out corruption and anything but squeaky-cleanliness.

      This is not to say that they implemented great policies! Only that, compared to the Democrats, in their personal and political lives, they were Boy Scouts. Still they learned, they’d never get any credit for that from the Big Three: the Media, Hollywood and Academia. But, that didn’t change for a moment the fact that they figured they had to remain squeaky clean.

      Since, furthermore, the Dems have long known that the Big Three have their backs, they don’t care to change a thing about how they do things. It’s why it’s an open question as to whether or not it’s too late to prevent the eventual triumph of the left’s agenda.


      — x

  1. Spot on as usual x. Funny thing I heard recently was that sales of Orwell’s “1984” have sky rocketed due to the Left’s hyper freakout over Trump’s supposed authoritarianism. I wonder if after reading it they will suddenly realize that it’s THEMSELVES who play the role of tyrants and speech suppressors? Yeah right, not gonna happen.

    1. Thank you, Trish! Great observation!

      Orwell did write that book with leftist totalitarianisms in mind. He absolutely called it too.

      If one were to read up on the Soviet Union, one would conclude that the title 1984 was optimistic! Actual thought control was already at work — using social pressures and incentives — in all the world’s left-wing dictatorships.

      And, as mentioned, and as a sign of things just around the corner, it’s here already in academia, in the media and in Hollywood.


      — x

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