Why the Travel Ban?

Summary: Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, practically every atrocity in recent decades has been committed by someone or someones who openly proclaim their belief in … Islam. We don’t have to accept our own murder just because some psychotic gibbering baboon wants to pretend that God told him to do it. Here’s the real reason for the travel ban: To show the Psychotic Muslim Community  that we’re through taking their crap lying down. 

Why the travel ban? Well… how about this: A Thought Exercise I Found Today.

If you read only the first part, you’ll immediately notice something — or a lack of something: San Bernardino, Pulse nightclub, Bataclan nightclub, Brussels, Germany, Sweden, Theo van Gogh, Denmark, Charlie Hebdo, Nice, France, Rotherham … much more.

The list in the above-linked feature is a long list but, sadly, not even close to exhaustive. And it’s growing rapidly.

Here’s another list that includes a bunch of atrocities not covered in my link above, or the items I added in: GROWING LIST OF MUSLIM ATROCITIES

Here’s another long list: BIG LIST of Muslim terror attacks in U.S. since 9/11. It’s a bit more granular, and has some overlap with the other lists, but it helps to understand just the staggering number of violent incidents caused by some psychopath’s understanding that something in Islam justifies his bloodthirstiness.

Important Note: that previous is a list that includes only attacks on U.S. soil, and only since 9/11/2001.

Finally, here’s a list that covers a lot of ground, and is notable for all that it leaves out: Islamic terror attacks on the West.

Want a chilling indicator? A web site that focuses on muslim atrocities (here) has the following graphic:


I don’t know whether it’s a tongue-in-cheek thing, because it’s a static graphic, not some kind of data-fed counter mini-app. However, data-fed counter mini-apps can produce static graphics, and then post them on a given web page, all quite easily and automatically.

Getting a theme here? You should be. The Western world has been nothing but accommodating for decades in bringing millions of muslim immigrants to its shores. The result has been horror … on a horrific scale.Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, practically every atrocity in recent decades has been committed by someone or someones who openly proclaim their belief in Islam.

Yes, I believe in religious freedom. However, there are people who’ve understood America’s attachment to that principle and are exploiting it to justify atrocities, then to hide behind plaintive cries of, “But you must respect our freedom of religion.”

Nope. We don’t have to. And there’s legal precedent for that too. Does anyone remember when some obscure Indian tribe out west demanded that the law allow them to use peyote because it was part of their religious observance? The courts said, “Uhhhh… Sorry, no.”

The Psychotic Muslim Community is saying to us: We’d like to murder you, and we want you to be okay with that, and let more of us into your country. The Democrats and the rest of the left agree. Sane people should not.

We should treat them just as we did the Indian tribe with the desire to get high. Say to them: “You can practice your religion all you want, but you’ll have to get rid of that murder/violence/rape/marrying young girls hooey, or we’re going to arrest your stupid, degenerate, psychotic muslim tushie and throw it in jail where they know what to do with child molesters and perverts.”

We don’t have to accept our own murder just because some crazy gibbering baboon wants to pretend that God told him to do it.

Furthermore, when we have been attacked by such people, we have counter-attacked, and no one thought that was going to wound tender muslim feelings. Trump is saying only: How about if we stop them before they attack? Rather than having to react to yet another muslim mass murder.

The logical extension of the left’s argument is that we should simply allow the excitable, sensitive, little muslim bombers or assassins to do their thing and get away with it. After all, isn’t killing them just a tad islamophobic?

The American left is nothing but an irreconcilable contradiction inside self-refutation, wrapped in unresolvable paradox.(1)

For instance: It’s almost funny to see the the left — normally just fine with religious persecution — as long as it’s Southern Baptists or Catholic nuns being persecuted — now all beside themselves with fervor for religious freedom.

There’s a real, solid reason for the travel ban: To show the Psychotic Muslim Community  that we’re through taking their crap lying down. Yes, it’s only symbolic, but it should signal to the PMC that America just might not be as pathetically on the defensive as we have been for so long.(2)

— xPraetorius


(1) And it rules all the propaganda organs in America: Hollywood, Academia, the media. That’s why we rush to excuse Islam itself, when Islam is what everyone of the bloodthirsty gibbering baboons uses as justification for their atrocities.

(2) The protests and the various judicial rulings preventing President Trump from doing what Obama himself did with people from those same seven muslim-majority countries, all demonstrate what we’ve said in these pages many times before: Bloodthirsty thugs and scumbags around the world go to sleep each night with prayers of thanks on their lips that America has the Democrat Party and the left.

I wish Republicans and Conservative commentators would say that same thing. Over and over and over and over and over again. For example: when we see rioters squelching free speech on college campuses, say it. When we see things like the pro-death march on Washington, comically named “The Women’s March,” say it. When we hear the left proclaiming that “it’s out of compassion that we need to kill Grandma,” say it. And so on.





12 thoughts on “Why the Travel Ban?

  1. I’m curious -x if one person will find fault with your matter of fact info. here.

    Tks for saying it the way it is.

    Yeah, how many Boy Scout groups are plotting the removal of certain heads from groups who do not like boy scouts; or how many bible study groups or soup kitchen volunteers are working sinister round the clock to end the lives of mus-lims………..

    The propaganda arm of the media is repulsive as you say.

    1. Thank you so much, CS! Great to hear from you!

      Your question about the boy scouts, or soup kitchen volunteers, adds another layer of perspective. Around the world, there really is only one group that’s feared, with the visceral terror one experiences when dealing with a rabid animal: Muslims. Look up, for example, the word “thuggee” in these pages.

      That’s almost too bad, because there are other groups who act like the PMC (Psychotic Muslim Community), like Socialists.

      It shouldn’t be forgotten (1) that Socialists were responsible for the slaughter of many tens of millions of souls in the last century alone, and (2) that muslims are, nearly without exception, Socialists. Hence, our coinage: “Socialislam. We also coined Fascislam, but having recognized that Fascism is but a subset of the umbrella term “Socialism,” we stuck with “Socialislam.”


      — x

  2. You’re totally wrong. Everything you say here is stupid. We are all Citizens of the World and you’re displaying your ignorance with this post.

          1. Honestly I’m not really sure what it means… but that seems to be a prerequisite for using the word. Don’t worry, I won’t let Colorstorm down, I’ll think of something offensive, just give me a minute.

  3. Great post and sadly all very true. It’s amazing to me that liberals completely overlook the horrific way Muslims treat women and gays around the world yet claim to be a champion of rights for the oppressed. No wonder no one takes them seriously.

  4. So true, Tricia! The only thing I might say by way of demurral is that there are many who take the left seriously, by virtue of the corruption of (1) Hollywood, (2) academia and (3) the media. Though, I suspect that Hollywood’s corruption is little more than rank stupidity and laziness.

    However, those three institutions are the organs of propaganda in America today, and they’re owned, lock stock and barrel, by the left. The left maintains their control over these institutions, as we’ve seen in recent days, with an iron grip that would make the KGB blush. They understand the importance of “controlling the message and the narrative.”

    All my life it’s ever been true that the easy way out is to be a leftist. It takes courage, curiosity, discipline, wisdom, imagination and maturity to question the 24/7/365 tsunami of leftist codswallop raining down on our heads each day.

    We did a thought piece on this idea here.


    — x

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