Sunscape – by Alan Miner – YouTube

Holy Mackerel! That’s all I have to say! This is some astonishingly tasty, frenetic, fast, ripping guitar playing! I know we’ve featured this before, but I listened to it again, and it’s … flargin’ fantastic!

Turn it up — loud — and let it fill you with … whatever wonderfulness it is, and has.

I LOVE the part precisely at the 2:00 mark where they change keys, and the guitarist, one Alan Miner, joins up as if he’d been anticipating that moment for 100 years.

If you turn this thing up, you could put it, and it alone, on every pool party and dance party on permanent loop  — along with this gorgeous standard, Tropical Breezes — and never have to play anything else, to have a Hawaiian party.

— xPraetorius

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