WE Raised The Voter Fraud Issue Long, Long Ago. It’s VERY Real

Here are a couple of links that bolster what we’ve been saying for a long time (here, for example).

The point: The Democrats have never been interested in, as the Dems say, “widespread” voter fraud. Too easy to catch. No, they like very, very targeted fraud. Fraud that guarantees them (1) the elections they want, and (2) the close ones.

Remember, the Democrats start out with a 10-20% advantage from the get go, with the automatic votes of various minorities in any given district. They then count on voter fraud to tip them over the edge in those races that are close, despite that massive built-in advantage.

In that way, we have Al Franken as Senator from Minnesota — and we have Obamacare as a result of that. We had Christine Gregoire as governor of Washington State. We almost had Al Gore as President in 2001, in one of the most brazen vote suppression efforts ever committed.(1)

President Trump said that he was aware of 2.5 to 3.5 million fraudulent votes in the last election. I don’t know what his sources are, but there’s no doubt that there is massive voter fraud in America, and that it benefits the Democrat Party nearly exclusively, and that the Democrat Party aids and abets that voter fraud.

— xPraetorius


(1) In the 200o Presidential election, Dan Rather called Florida for Gore an hour before the polls closed in the heavily Republican Florida panhandle. Estimates are that the erroneous call for Gore suppressed 50,000 votes for George W. Bush. Fifty thousand votes that would have completely removed the controversy over who actually won the state.



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