Our Prediction Was Right

In the post previous to this one, last night, we predicted that the left would commit violent acts on Inauguration day. We were right. Here’s a sampling of headlines from the DrudgeReport:

Without having actually read the feature at the other end of the link that reads, “Photos of Satanists and Red Fists,” I’m figuring it’s a safe bet that it doesn’t describe a bunch of Republican or Trump voters.

I guess the thing that stood out for me today was the contrast. On the day of each of Barack Obama’s Inaugurations — much more of an extremist than Donald Trump — there were … no demonstrations. No riots. There was no violence of any kind. None.

Of course!

Because the political right in America is not violent. No right-wing group in America that is of any size whatsoever is at all violent. However, I can name for you group after group after group on the left, and in the recent past, who are tainted with the blood of innocent people:

  • The Black Panthers
  • The New Black Panther Party
  • The Weathermen/Weather Underground
  • SDS (Students for a Democratic Society)
  • The Symbionese Liberation Army
  • The Black Liberation Army
  • The Communist Party of the United States of America
  • Black Lives Matter
  • The “Occupy” movement

As well as: The Democrat Party of the United States, whose leadership paid people to cause violence at Trump rallies in the recent election.

And many more.

There is, again, not one single right-wing group of any size at all in America who has demonstrated any tendency toward violence whatsoever. Not one.

Not even the ones that all the media accuse of so-called violence against muslims, women, etc. I hear it all the time, as I listen to the media: “Reports of hate crimes against women and minorities are on the rise all over America!”

Oh? Where? Believe me, if there were such crimes anywhere in America, the leftist, dinosaur media would be all over all of them. We’d see mug shots; we’d hear names; we’d; we’d know when they picked on a kid back in kindergarten!

Yet, all we hear is: “Reports of hate crimes against women and minorities are on the rise all over America!” I admit — it may be true that “reports of hate crimes are up all over America.” But, anyone can “report hate crimes.” If I say to you that “Reports of hate crimes are up…” then I just reported it.

So, yes, it appears that “reports of hate crimes are up.” However, there apparently haven’t actually been any hate crimes.  Except the well-documented attacks by the usual suspects against Trump supporters. I don’t feel the need to link to the links to the stories that I’ve been seeing for a long time. after all, you’ll see them yourself in upcoming months. Watch the DrudgeReport. You’ll see them.

So, essentially, none of the hate crimes being wailed about on the left. No violence from the right … at all. And, lots of violence from the left.

At top, the second bullet reads, “Reporters outnumber protestors?” Since there were probably several hundred reporters, it’s safe to say that:

  • All the “protesters” were violent
  • All the protesters were on the political left wing.
  • There were no right-wing protesters at today’s inauguration
  • There were right-wingers at Barack Obama’s two inaugurations. Lots of them.
  • None of the right-wingers at Barack Obama’s two inaugurations caused any violence at all.


  • Violence is, as we’ve said thousands of times before, a strategy of the left.

Nota Bene: Sometime after the election, and before today’s inauguration, I saw a video that, I think, was produced by the great Project Veritas. In it, a guerrilla journalist had recorded some left-wing half-wit saying, and I quote, “We don’t believe in the peaceful transition of power.” Which neatly reminded people that we’ve been right all along: the left is not interested in anything but obtaining and retaining power. Period. Never think that anything they do is focused on anything else.

— xPraetorius










7 thoughts on “Our Prediction Was Right

  1. I just caught the evening news and while I expected to see protests I couldn’t believe the idiocy I saw on display. If you’re going to get on live tv to spout your cause you might want to at least look like you’ve thought about it at all and be able to speak intelligently. Much more violence to come I’m sure.

    1. I agree on all points, Tricia.

      “Idiocy” says it well.

      Let’s face it, though … the media treat as serious social commentators morons who are really just out to get a free wide-screen tv.

      The reason the protesters are such idiots is simple: The media are just as stupid, and feed the baboons doing the looting.

      Said baboons have no incentives whatsoever to grow intellectually, to mature, to “evolve” beyond baboon-hood, because the media are already calling them “geniuses” and “profound” and reporting on their “cris-de-coeur” and not on their low IQ’s.


      — x

    2. Oh, and one more quick thing: if a bunch of rich and powerful people — the media — were calling you a genius, and telling you that you were the conscience of a nation, wouldn’t you be tempted to bask in that adoration?

      Heck, you also get a free wide-screen tv out of it all!


      — x

  2. Yep. At the moment I’m watching milo yiannopoulos face some pretty hostile and potentially violent protests, by people who apparently believe he doesn’t have the right to speak at a scheduled event that people actually have tickets for. In my world at least, free speech is everything, so while you may have the right to protest, you do not have the right to silence people by force. This kind of protest behavior is really bizarre and unprecedented.

  3. As usual, right on the nose, IB! I might have to duplicate my reply to Tricia in response to your post.

    This, though, “In my world at least, free speech is everything” is so well said! Can you imagine if the left has its way and free speech disappears?

    If that were to happen — heaven forfend! — the good-bye, America…the greatest, freest, most generous country that’s ever existed! And to be succeeded by what?

    These half-wit protesters don’t have the intellectual candle-power to put together the fact that they are protesting in America, because they can protest in America — unlike in so many other parts of the world.



    — x

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