Our Prediction Was Right (Part II)

In our last post, we mentioned a video, taken by a guerrilla journalist, in which the left admitted somewhat openly that they were willing to commit violence to further their left-wing aims. As we speculated in the post, the guerrilla journalist came indeed from the great Project Veritas.

Here’s a link to that video: Part I: Hidden-camera investigation exposes groups plotting violence at Trump inauguration

The people from Project Veritas, having captured that video, turned it over to the FBI and the Secret Service. The plotters were arrested and, apparently, were unable to do their thing.

Bets on how long their incarceration lasts?

Now, for a small, impromptu thought exercise: Give me a quick estimate of how long you think their incarceration would last if they were found to be plotting such acts in, say: Russia. How ’bout North Korea? China? What about Cuba?

— xPraetorius


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