Inauguration Day

Just a prediction: someone on the left will try something violent tomorrow at the inauguration. Just a question of who, just a question of when, just a question of what.

Here’s what’s not debatable: in the aftermath of the 2016 election, the left have proven — in spades — my point that they’re interested only in power.

They’ve done nothing but beclown themselves — ostentatiously, loudly, whiningly, simperingly — since the moment after the election. The crying, the whimpering, the “safe spaces,” the vein-popping hissy fits…

What was hilarious was when Hillary wagged her finger in Trump’s face and demanded that he accept the results of the election. Then, she and the rest of the tiny-brains … didn’t accept the results of the election — ostentatiously, loudly, whiningly, simperingly — the way they do everything.

Tomorrow will be interesting. I hope I’m wrong about my prediction.

— xPraetorius


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