NPR Watch (1/13/17) – Startling Revelations at NPR!

I hope you’re sitting down for this one.

This morning National Public Radio breathlessly reported this profound insight into President-elect Donald J. Trump: “He prefers people who are on his side.”

It was National Public Radio’s morning fake news program, “Morning Edition,” and it was a feature about the six members of the clergy slated to offer prayers at Trump’s inauguration next Friday.

Five of the six are Christians, while the remaining clergyman is a rabbi.

“What?” knowingly interjected anchorette Rachel Martin, “No muslims?”

Her tone of voice and expression was awash in full-on, smug NPR Gotcha! mode.

So, off goes the story, telling about how Trump’s team had invited “Prosperity Theology” preachers. These are preachers who suggest that personal wealth is a blessing from God, and an indication that He approves of you.

You could hear in the voices of the NPR personalities — the reporter and Martin — the complete surprise (the Shock!) that Trump was not going to invite a preacher who would tell him how evil he was, and how he should be ashamed of his wealth.

Just as, you see, Barack Obama’s inauguration was overloaded with preachers who told us all about the evils of big government, collectivist action, and how Obama should be ashamed of his race hucksterism and self-obsessed arrogance.

Oh, that’s right. That didn’t happen.

Here is a deep, dark truth of the left: When a leftist is inaugurated as President — Obama, for example. Or Clinton, Carter, Johnson, etc. — he will surround himself with people of the left. People on his side. That, they are sure, is the natural order of things. Therefore when a purported rightist is inaugurated, he also will surround himself with … people of the left. With those who disagree with him.

If not, the leftist analyzing things will come to the above-mentioned Startling Conclusion: Trump prefers people who are on his side.

Whoa! Deep stuff, that! That selfsame leftist will also consider it Important Enough for a “News” Feature.

Since NPR considers that ever-so-deep insight newsworthy, and even a candidate to be included in an entire breathless feature on their morning flagship fake news program, then that means they believe the flip side as well: The left would never do such a thing! Why, the left is diverse! The left is open-minded and understands nuance!

Yeah! Tell that to Conservatives in the media, in academia, in Hollywood, in pop culture… They’re there, you know, those Conservatives, but they dare not let on that they don’t fall in lock-step with the ovine, groupthink of the left for fear of committing a, shall we say, “career-limiting” move.

I’ve said it often to debaters on various blogs and threads on the web: “Do you even read what you write?” The point being that if they did, they might (one would hope) see how ridiculous it sounds after they write it, and they’d never post it.

The same general idea applies to NPR as well. Some of their features are so stupid, so idiotic, such transparently brainless fluff, that they beg the question: “Do you even listen to what this sounds like before you air it?!?” Either they don’t — listen to their stories before airing them, that is — or they do … and they, themselves are too dumb to recognize how fatuous so much of what they put on the air actually is.

After all, would you ever decide that you had revealed anything newsworthy by concluding that someone “prefers people who are on his side?

NPR did. And your taxpayer dollars pay for this inane drivel.

— xPraetorius


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