Hitler Showed Us The Way

I can’t wait for the left to jump all over this and say, “See? See? He likes Hitler!

Uhhhh…yeah. No. Sorry.

Hitler showed us the way by showing us (1) how not to be as a people, (2) how not to form a country’s government, and (3) Hitler gave us a preview of what the final stage in the evolution of runaway state power looks like.

You have state power and you have non-state power. It’s wildly important to understand the characteristics of each.

We’ll focus on state power for this essay.

State power is soulless. It has no interests except one: self-preservation. And that interest arises from the people who man the instruments and institutions of the state, and who believe that state power is the best power.

Since state power has that one simple interest — self-preservation — then it cares not one teentsy-weentsy iota about (1) your happiness, (2) your prosperity, (3) your health, (4) your longevity, (5) the happiness, prosperity, health, longevity of anyone else you might care about, (6) your life … except insofar as any of that contributes to its self-preservation.

As far as you’re concerned, the state cares about one thing: Your ability to contribute to its self-preservation.

How, you might say, did Hitler give us this valuable understanding? Simple: everyone remembers how we were taught in grade school that if, for example, a baby were born with Down Syndrome, the Nazis, in true state interest-supporting fashion, killed him. After all, the Nazis thought, he’d never be anything but a net drain on state resources, without ever being able to contribute. More importantly, though, he would not contribute in any way to the state’s self-preservation.(1)

In the middle of the Second World War, with the Nazis in full survival mode, they acted absolutely logically, state power worshippers that they were. If a person seemed to be a net taker from the total store of state resources, they simply killed him. The sick, crippled, insane, dissenters, Jews, Catholics, Gypsies, homosexuals — those who were not directly able or willing to contribute to an increase in Nazi state resources — were killed.

Civilized people recoiled, as they should have, in horror.

Yet, in retrospect, as today we rush to embrace the very same ideas here in the United States, they really shouldn’t have been repelled. This is, after all, nothing more nor less than the perfect expression of soulless state power. A power in whose view the person is nothing more than a measurement on a scale from -100 to 100. That’s the scale that indicates whether the person is a positive — a net contributor to the increase of state resources — or a negative, a net taker from state resources.(2)

As soon as the person becomes a net taker, the state has no further interest in expending one more dime’s worth of state resources in keeping him alive any further. In fact, at that point, the state is most desirous of just getting rid of the taker. This last describes the Nazis, and today’s American left, perfectly.

It’s like when a machine breaks down in a factory, and it is beyond economical repair. The company CEO simply discards the machine in the least costly way possible. This is how the Nazis viewed people.

Furthermore, this is absolutely where we’re headed right now, thanks to the International Left and their jihad against reverence for human life. As we predicted a long time ago (here, for example) the Kill-The-Old-People movement is in full swing in countries around the world, including in the United States.

In Switzerland, anyone in the world can go to a designated location, ask to be killed and a “doctor” will oblige him. That’s also true in the Netherlands and in England. Oh, and in Oregon and Washington state as well, where there are various “Death With Dignity” laws.

Such monstrous laws are sprouting up all around this country. Oddly enough, in blue, blue states (Surprise! Surprise!). It’s only a matter of time before those “Death With Dignity” laws become “We Must Kill Them — Out Of Compassion” laws.

The political left — (again) Surprise! — is all about these ghoulish laws. More than five years ago, we predicted this (here). In this the American political left of today make ghastly common cause with the Nazis of last century.

If it weren’t so serious, it would be funny that the Left labels itself “progressive.”

No one should really be surprised about the fascination of today’s left with death. The Nazis were doing this long ago. They were just pioneers! The avant-garde! They are the perfect realization of the hopes and dreams of the likes of so-called “Progressives” such as Bernie Sanders, Van Jones, Elizabeth Warren …

We said it here: the new Fascists will come waving the banner of anti-fascism. Look at the Bernie Sanders’, the Van Jones’, the Elizabeth Warren’s of today. Whenever they espouse a policy position, someone ends up dead. We documented that here. They are today’s Nazis.

I love it when the left protests, as they do, as we tighten the rhetorical noose around their collective logic: Hitler was a man of the left, not of the right. And today’s left are Hitler’s natural descendants. And the Nazis were the perfect expression of the final stage of evolution of state power. And today’s American left is mindlessly following Hitler’s vision … to the letter.

Hitler and his Nazis were, and are, a gigantic cautionary tale leading to only one possible conclusion: A country, in order to be civilized, must have limited, constrained, shackled, fettered, chained, de-clawed government.

If only someone somewhere had said that more succinctly. Oh, yeah: That government is best which governs least. (attributed to various)

Truer words, in a socio-political context, were never spoken!

What a tragic, stupid, bloody shame that civilization had to learn that seemingly obvious truth from … Hitler. What an even greater shame that today’s American Left have not yet learned it, and as a result have become the greatest, most effective champions of Hitler’s vision in the world today.

— xPraetorius


(1) In this way, the Nazi state resembled nothing more than a gigantic, but really stupid, animal. The animal, like all animals, acts perfectly predictably in all instances. If you were to place food in front of the hungry animal it’ll eat. Every time. One hundred percent of the time. No exceptions. If you present to the state a person who seems to have no ability or inclination to contribute to the state’s self-preservation, the state will kill that person. Every time. One hundred percent of the time. No exceptions.

(2) Do you realize that we’ve “conquered” Down Syndrome? No? You didn’t know that? Well, now with genetic testing, and abortion viewed as nothing more morally meaningful than an appendectomy, we simply … kill the babies — you know those Down Syndrome babies who will always be “burdens” to their families (oh, and will never be net contributors to state resources) — before they’re even born.

Imagine that! We’ve conquered Down Syndrome! Well, with that logic, what are we waiting for? We can conquer, eradicate, wipe out, utterly annihilate cancer, birth defects of all kinds, diabetes, arthritis and male pattern baldness! Just kill ’em! Bang! Cured! First, of course, you need to concentrate on “curing” those diseases that make the sufferer either (1) a “burden” to his family, or (2) a net taker of state resources. You know, like a good leftist or Nazi would do.

One thought on “Hitler Showed Us The Way

  1. Very well said x and scary too. I worry a lot how advances in medical technology now allow us to determine the health of a baby before it’s born and what “defects” it carries. Aborting away “imperfect” children will become more common as our humanity fades away.

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