The Left Are Nothing But a Bunch of Lily-livered Cowards! And They Demonstrate it Regularly, Right Here

Here at our small but increasingly influential think tank, we have a tiny but enthusiastic following in Cyberspace. We keep it that way on purpose. We make no effort whatsoever to publicize our posts, except by word of mouth. When we want someone to see a post  — a President here, a Prime Minister there — we call that person and suggest that he or she go take a look. Or, we use a back channel to that person informing him of the post. We further encourage him to respond to us privately, in order both to maintain his privacy, and our anonymity.

We have one fan who does us the favor of nearly always clicking on the 5-star rating for each post.

Not sure who he is, but he almost always approves of what we write, and lets us know by giving us that very nice 5-star rating nearly every time.

Our understanding of this quaint little habit of (presumably) his, is that he generally agrees with us. Not an unreasonable understanding, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Conversely, if he were to disagree, we suppose this fan would give a lower rating, and then tell us why he disagrees.  In the case of a 5-star rating, there’s no need for elaboration after giving the rating.

However, if you were to click on the 1-star thingamabob, then you’ve signaled pretty certainly that you disagree. Not only that, you’ve suggested that the post is bad, not worthy, lacking in the qualities necessary to achieve a higher rating. And it is then incumbent on you to say why. Obviously.

If you don’t, you’re nothing but a pissant little coward, probably ignorant, likely immature, and the thought that you got away with doing your little bit against us big, bad, scary Conservatives is knocking around in your empty little noggin.

Now, we’ve tussled with leftists here at this blog. Leftists from many tendencies of leftism. We’ve locked horns with socialists, atheists, pro-deathers, racists, feminists and all manner of leftist kooks. We’ve mopped up the floor with them, because they don’t know how to argue a point without using all the dreary insults of the left: racist, sexist, homophobe, islamophobe… you know the litany.

These are the words that a leftist says when he can’t support an argument with actual facts and logic.

The results of said regular floor-mopping are two-fold: [1] we have really clean floors around here, and [2] leftists don’t come around here often to debate, because they don’t like being used to keep our floors sparkling and shiny.

So, it was amusing to see that someone had come around and clicked on a bunch of 1-star ratings, without bothering to indicate why he was giving the rating. In such a case, we do what we always do: we examine the behavior, and decide on what has the best chance of being a plausible explanation. So, here goes:

  1. Someone with whom we’ve locked horns before comes here, and without actually bothering to read and respond, gives a bunch of our posts a 1-star rating.
  2. That person almost certainly is afraid to go into the post and say why he gave the unfavorable rating, because he’s previously been used to keep our floors clean here at our small, but increasingly influential think tank.
  3. He thinks he’s gotten away with adding a little annoyance into our lives by lowering the rating of a bunch of posts.
  4. He goes away with the usual leftist smugness that they get whenever they think they’ve gotten away with something.
  5. He is, and remains, blissfully ignorant of the fact that we appreciate his effort, or should I say, his lack of effort (anyone can click on a rating), because that gives us a chance, in this very post, to show how he’s illustrated [1] his own intellectual laziness, and [2] his own cowardice.

We do appreciate it when the left makes our job around here easier. They do it all the time; generally when they open their mouths. However, it’s when they try to act or interact in the world of thinking and opinion that they show just what a bunch of fourth-rate thinkers they are, while telegraphing that they kind of even know it themselves, as they show their fear of actually engaging with Conservatives.

— xPraetorius


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