NPR Watch (1-10-17) — Build The Wall! And Make Mexico Pay for It!

I very, very, very rarely get angry, but this morning I did.

I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) on the way into work this morning and the morning host of NPR’s morning fake news program — Morning Edition —  was interviewing one Jorge Castañeda.

The wretched Casteñeda suggested that if soon-to-be-President Trump decides to be less of a patsy than the current President, then Mexico has “leverage.” He then suggested that Mexico now has an aggressive effort ongoing to interdict drugs going to the United States, and that they do this nice thing for us at our request. Mexico could, Castañeda suggested, ratchet back that effort, thereby allowing more drugs into the U.S.

Mind you there was no mention of the notion that Mexico might want to capture drug lords and gangs, and prevent the dissemination of their toxic product because it’s just the right thing to do. No, they do it, because we, the Americans, request that they do it. Neither was there any mention of the horrific nature of Castañeda’s little threat from the NPR host, one Steve Inskeep. I almost drove off the road!

First of all, maybe it’s time to rename National Public Radio to Irrational Public Radio. How did the airhead Inskeep not jump all over that perverted threat by Castañeda?!?

Can you believe that? This slimeball Castañeda is perfectly fine with killing his own, and our, fellow citizens to further what he believes are his country’s political interests. And National Public Radio treated that selfsame slimeball as a legitimate commentator on Mexican-American relations.

Guess what: Your tax dollars pay to help keep NPR on the air. That should tick you off royally!

Build the bleepin’ wall… and send Mexico the bill. When they don’t pay the bill, deduct some big percent of all remittances back to Mexico from Mexicans here, until it’s all paid up. Or take enough of any Mexican assets in our country to equal the cost.

— xPraetorius



6 thoughts on “NPR Watch (1-10-17) — Build The Wall! And Make Mexico Pay for It!

    1. This would be my best guess: That America would continue to allow millions of his fellow countrymen to flood across the border into the U.,S. and send dollars back to Mexico.

      What do you think?


      — x

      1. Yeah… but that’s obvious and not necessarily political. I guess I’m struggling with what Mexico’s ultimate aims are… if they are on a road to somewhere, where is it?

        1. Ah, good point! A more comprehensive answer would have to encompass why Mexico, and other countries that all have plenty in the way of natural resources so that they could feed, clothe and employ their various populaces easily.

          Yet, they choose not to. How can you get in the head of leaders, like Peron, Chavez, Maduro, the Castros, Ortega, Allende, etc.? These are people who, while living in opulence, keep their people poor and hungry.

          Mexico is awash in the political corruption that results in their people pining for a better life, sometimes regardless of the risk, in their northern neighbor.I know you know all this, but for the moment, I don’t have a better answer for you than: Mexican political leaders are content to allow their poorest, most wretched citizens to become America’s problem, rather than doing some of the obvious things that would make their own country attractive to the citizenry, like: introduce Capitalism.

          In this regard, they’re like so many other international leaders who refuse to allow their people upward mobility of the political, economic or social type.

          In the third world, the people and their leaders are not far from feudal times, and I guess that’s what the leaders of those poor countries prefer. After all, what is feudalism but merely the absence of Capitalism?

          Of course, only the 19th and 20th (and now 21st) centuries were able to produce the genius that simply dressed feudalism up in a miasma of pretty words, called it Socialism, and made the people think they were getting a great deal.


          — x

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