Why The Left Hate Trump So Much

The left hate Trump even more than they hate most Republicans. And why? It’s because he’s so much like them. He’s co-opted their speech patterns, their behaviors, and now he threatens to steal their voter base.

I was casually listening to a recording of Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, when she started to lecture, one was led to believe, President-elect Trump.

Streep said, ever so sternly, something to the effect that we need to be more tolerant, welcoming and all the usual mindless cant of the left, that we’ve all heard so many times, and that they don’t believe for a minute. Somewhere in the middle of Streep’s steaming mess of generic leftist hooey that’s supposed to pass for deep thinking was: “violence begets violence.”

It was more than a little funny hearing that coming from someone of the political left. They’re the ones who invented political violence. During the 1960’s all political violence came from the left, with the very famous exception of the Kent State killings. Forgotten are the bombings, murders, assassinations, assaults and riots that nearly all came from the left side of the political aisle.

Forgotten is the fact that the assassin of President John F. Kennedy was a committed communist, who had spent much of his life in the Soviet Union.

Forgotten already are the thugs of the left whom the Democrat Party paid to go to Trump rallies, during this past election cycle, and commit violence.

Remember: “No justice, no peace?” That was never said by anyone on the political right. There was never a single incident of violence at any Tea Party rally, as there were at all the “Occupy” rallies. In fact, Tea Partiers left the venues for their rallies cleaner than they found them.

Then, Trump came along and was nothing more than strong and forceful. He was not the wimpy Republican that Democrats had come to know, and roll over, so easily. He talked as the Democrats said that Republicans talked, and he acted as Democrats acted. He’s always been a lot like Democrats. He was trashy and rude — like Democrats. When the trashy, rude Democrats in the Democrat Party and the media called him on it, he said, “Tough!” and doubled down on his own trashiness and rudeness. Just like Democrats.

In these pages, we said the following: “No matter what happens this election cycle, on November 8th, Americans will elect their second white trash President. (after Bill Clinton)

One would think the left would like Trump. A lot. After all, he’s never shown any genuine Conservative tendencies. He’s a real pal of Hollywood. He’s long used the cheap labor (and automatic Democrat voters) the Democrats have been importing for so many years. He’s apparently a potty-mouthed, white trash boor, just like the most famous, admired, respected, best-loved Democrat of them all: Bill Clinton. He was caught on tape years ago suggesting that stars such as he can handle women in a sexually crude fashion and get away with it just fine. In other words, he talked about doing what Bill Clinton, actually didall the time.

Trump’s behavior and language as it pertains to women is Democrat behavior and language. They hate that. In the Dems’ book, you can’t act or talk like a Democrat unless you are a Democrat. This is a universal behavior of the political left: they hate most those opponents who are most like they are themselves.

Look at all the famous leftists of history: Stalin, Hitler(1), Mao, Castro… those people who were their closest rivals in terms of ideology or general philosophy, suffered the worst fate when they were defeated.

As Jonah Goldberg noted in his great book, Liberal Fascism, the Communists and Nazis of pre-World War II Germany hated each other so much because they were fighting for the same constituency. That’s primarily why the left hate Trump so much: He threatens to take away large swathes of their voter base, by virtue of being a lot like Democrats. Or, more to the point, a lot like how Democrats portray themselves.

Democrats say they’re the party of the people. Trump has shown he’s a man of the people. For good or ill. Democrats say they’re for “hope and change.” Trump actually shows the promise of delivering on the hope part … which would be a real change. And, it might be a change for the better — the only change worth having at all in the first place!

Finally, analysts noticed something else this past election cycle: A non-negligible number of voters liked the fact that Trump had, ahem … testosterone. In this era of terrorist atrocity after terrorist atrocity, the voters rallied behind someone who seems … strong. Trump portrayed himself as unabashedly disgusted by the last eight years of feeble, flaccid Obama foreign policy. The idea of “leading from behind” does not seem to be something Trump would embrace. And he rubbed that in their faces.

A large chunk of this past election cycle could be summed up as: Alright already … with Obama we “made history.” Now, though, ISIS goons are running rampant around the world shooting, or blowing up, or stabbing, or running over everybody. We need to do something more than elect the first woman President.

Having their obsession with identity politics exposed for the real danger it represents to America? The Left hates that too.

Of course they hate Trump.

That should be a cautionary note for those of us on the ideological right. If Trump actually turns out to be like a man of the Left, then our country is in very big trouble. And when, in another post, we bemoaned the possibility that Trump could destroy the Republican Party, our fears will have proven, sadly, justified.

— xPraetorius


(1) We’ve documented extensively in these pages how Hitler was really a man of the political left, not of the right.

3 thoughts on “Why The Left Hate Trump So Much

  1. Very astute analysis of Trump and the Dems.
    17 lines up from the end of your excellent post you need a “be” inserted.

    “And, it might [ ] a change for the better”

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