Let’s Finally Be Honest

Here’s the real story on Obamacare. Really, on how Democrats do things, and why it’s imperative at least to repeal Obamacare.

A leftist reading that would rightfully say: “Why should I read this? You’re a partisan ideologue, so you’re just going to spout some partisan nonsense in support of your argument to get rid of Obamacare.”

Sort of. I am a partisan ideologue. Everyone should be. It means I pay attention, educate myself, research a lot, and bother to make a real attempt to make the country better for my having been her citizen.

However, as to the second part of the above hypothetical leftist’s objection: I’ll say only things that are uncontroversially true. And I’ll say them in a partisan fashion. Furthermore, even a leftist will be hard-pressed to say that my facts are incorrect.

Here goes.

Here’s how the Democrats do something:

  1. Identify some widespread, massive problem, affecting a large number of people.
  2. Implement some massive government program that ends up being a way for massive numbers of people to get something from “the government.”
  3. Make it so that large parts of the population become dependent on the program for some portion of their basic subsistence.
  4. When the inevitable political shift rolls around, and Republicans talk about reforming or getting rid of the massive government program, shriek to high heaven about the cruelty, and meanness, and “hate,” of Republicans.

You can list off the programs, it’s not hard

  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Welfare in all its manifestations
    • Food Stamps, SNAP, housing subsidies, program after program after program
  • Obamacare

So many people are now entirely dependent on these huge government programs. Of course, whenever anyone suggests overhauling or eliminating such a program, out come the shrieks! How could you?!? You hate women! You  hate children! You hate old people! You hate sick people! You want them all to die!

Never mind the glaring immorality of making someone dependent on the labors of others for their sustenance in the first place. An immorality of which only the Democrat Party of America is guilty.

All these massive government programs represent taking money from someone and giving it to someone else to whom it doesn’t belong.

You’re hearing it all now. The Democrats are all up there with clenched teeth, saying, “Oh, yeah? What are you going to replace it (Obamacare) with?!? There are millions of American who have insurance now, who never had it before. You can’t repeal it, that would be cruel and immoral.” (Again: Never mind the glaring immorality of making someone dependent on the labors of others for their sustenance in the first place.)

Yeah? That so?

Not long ago, I had an argument with a supporter of the British socialized health system. My opponent said, and I quote: “In America, 40,000 people die each year due to lack of insurance.

Yep. That’s what he said.

Needless to say, I shot right back with something like, “No, no one in the history has ever died due to lack of insurance. Due to lack of health care, maybe, but a lack of insurance has never killed anyone. Ever.” Then, I explained the laws governing Emergency Rooms in America. My opponent kind of faded away after that.

The point: Obamacare has made it so that there are lots of people with insurance out there, who cannot then use that insurance to obtain actual health care.

A dear friend of mine tells me that he’s had insurance for a long time, and has paid for all his health expenses out-of-pocket, due to the ridiculously high deductible on his policy.


Sound like a bit of a racket for the insurance companies to you? It does to me.

If these high-deductible policy patients become catastrophically ill, then here’s what happens to them: (1) they impoverish themselves paying their deductibles, and (2) their “insurance” covers the rest.

This, folks, is not “having insurance.” This is having an arrangement where no matter what happens, the patient becomes impoverished.

If he had never had the ridiculous insurance in the first place, our patient would have (1) impoverished himself paying out-of-pocket, then (2) someone somewhere in the health care system would have continued to provide him with health care.

In this, the pre-Obamacre scenario, at least the patient received: health care. Now? Not so much.

It bears repeating: yes, millions of Americans now have largely useless, increasingly expensive health insurance, which they cannot use to obtain … health care.

People: this is not an improvement. But, as Obama promised, it is … change.

Furthermore, after Obamacare, health care providers are allowed not to treat you if you’re sick and don’t present them with proof that you’re insured. Why? Because everyone is supposed to be insured… or face tax/penalty consequences.(2)

By all accounts, Obamcare has been a dismal failure, There’s no one who really thinks it’s a good thing as it is now. Granted, the left figures that it didn’t go far enough, but even they agree … it’s bad.

So, the very best thing to do is: repeal the thing, before large numbers of American are dependent on it, and then address the actual problems — you know: Americans’ obtaining health care? — rationally and sanely.

Want a road map for a sane repeal and replace strategy? Here’s one.

— xPraetorius


(1) Proving my point about the Democrats’ strategy.

(2) I’m wondering if anyone will attempt to counter this. It’s not exactly right, but as one who has in the past been refused medical care due to an inability to pay, it’s close enough. And it brings us to the one entity that absolutely demands, on moral grounds alone, the repeal of Obamacare: the IPAB — the Independent Payment Advisory Board — or the American Death Panel that Sarah Palin so presciently warned us about, and about which she was so scornfully jeered in the media. This panel is the one that will allow a “health care provider” not to provide you with health care if that treatment is deemed too expensive by the IPAB. It’s a death panel. It’s rationing. You know: all the things we on the right warned about, and the left promised us, swore up and down, vowed ever so sincerely,  would never, ever, not ever happen.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Finally Be Honest

  1. “The point: Obamacare has made it so that there are lots of people with insurance out there, who cannot then use that insurance to obtain actual health care.”

    Yes! Gah, I have had so many meetings, written so many letters, testified, tried to reason with people. So, so many of us are now left with huge debt from unpaid medical bills, insurance so expensive we had to cancel it ….and the joy of now getting to pay fines for not being able to afford insurance anymore.

    1. Exactly, IB.

      Health insurance — if you define it as: “something that facilitates your ability to obtain actual health care” — is something that Obamacare is not.

      This is the scandal that we Conservatives ought to be howling about at the top of our lungs.

      Bottom line, as we’ve said so many times in these pages: yes, millions more have “insurance” than had it before … but they don’t have health care.

      Oops. Isn’t that kind of a problem?

      Obamacare is a crashing, howling failure.

      Before it, during the so-called “crisis” that Obamacare was supposed to fix, and insured or not, people used to get, you know … actual health care. Often from, you know … their doctor. The one they were supposed to be able to keep after Obamacare.


      — x

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