How Can The Democrat Party Come Back?

The country has realized something: the Democrat Party is a crime syndicate masquerading as a political party. Oh, our fellow citizens might not yet have put those exact words on it, but they understand it, and they voted against it mightily in the last election.

I missed it. You missed it. Even the most prescient of prognosticators missed it. But it was there. The ones who missed it to their everlasting shame are: the media. Missed it completely. There was not a single person in America on November 8th, who didn’t think that they would wake up on November 9th to: President-elect Clinton.

Yet, Trump won handily.

Yes, yes, yes, I know: Hillary Clinton “won the popular vote.” However, and here’s another truth. If you were to remove two areas from consideration: (1) New York City and (2) Los Angeles County, then the rest of the country — you know: America — voted Republican.

Quick note on the above: The two above-mentioned areas represent significant numbers of American people. However, the left is always whining that we need to make things “look like America.” New York City and Los Angeles Country are, let’s face, a tiny part of what makes America “American.” Should they be included in elections? Of course! Do they “represent America?” Hardly.

How America actually voted shows itself in the Congressional results, and despite major headwinds — the Republicans had to defend far more seats in the Senate than did the Democrats — the Republicans won that vote handily.

To come back, the Democrat Party can take several paths:

  1. Renounce corruption and become an actual political party, rooted in seeking out the best possible ideas to produce a better, stronger country.
  2. Embrace the systemic corruption that pervades their leadership  and endeavor to shut down any opposition. Note: This last has been their operating strategy for generations now. They continue to use it through things like: “The Fairness Act,” open, undisguised  attacks on the First Amendment, Political Correctness on college campuses and elsewhere.

Since they’ve been using strategy #2, above, for so long, it might be a good idea if they were to try Strategy #1.

Now, this might be surprising, but I wish the Democrats the very best. It is not good for any country to be a one-party political system. Political ideas need real competition in order for the strongest to make their way to the top.

In America, with the press as corrupt and lopsidedly dishonest as they are, and long have been, we haven’t had an honest debate on any issue of any significance in generations. This is because the mouthpieces that shape national opinion — the media, academia, pop culture — have long been corrupted by the left, and treat anything coming from the left as received wisdom, while dismissing countervailing ideas from the right as racist, sexist, stupid, mean, or otherwise illegitimate.

That has long been a recipe for producing stupid ideas on the left, as they understand that they don’t even have to try to come up with anything of substance.

So, I hope that the leadership of the Democrat Party will recognize this and renounce the lazy, comfortable, tunnel-vision, echo-chamber in which they operate now, and come out here with us, where it might be a tad more rugged, but the intellectual environment is bracingly, refreshingly stimulating.

If the Dems do that, then they’ll add yet another inducement to the Republicans to produce even stronger thinking and ideas. However, and so much more important: Democrats would force themselves, finally! to come up with real, actually substantive ideas for the betterment of America,  not simply ideas aimed at buying off yet another identity group, and landing them in a situation of dependence on … the Democrats.

Can you imagine it? If there were a real Democrat Party — not just a crime syndicate masquerading as a political party — and a real Republican Party, each grappling with real ideas and counter-ideas, what a great future this country could have!

That is the way for the Democrat Party to return to relevance. You know: by being actually relevant; not by depending on cheap insults, invective, and transparently dishonest codswallop, that show they’re out of intellectual gas before they even start.

— xPraetorius



One thought on “How Can The Democrat Party Come Back?

  1. Replace ‘corruption’ with ‘socialism’ in your first strategy and I’m on board… but alas they would cease to exist completely. Which would fine with me, as it would leave us debating the finer points of Citizenship instead of Serfdom.

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