NPR Watch (12-29-16) — Any Defeat for the Left MUST Be Due to (You Guessed It): RACISM!

National Public Radio (NPR) did a Brexit feature this morning on their fake news program called “Morning Edition.” The story’s premise: A small community in England voted overwhelmingly for Brexit because, you guessed it, they “were afraid of losing their white identity.”

Yerp. *Sigh! * Talk about One-Note-Nellies!

As we’ve suggested in these pages, if the left were deprived of about a dozen words, they’d have no argument at all. Words like: racism, sexism, homophobia, islamophobia, greed, bank, hate… etc. I can’t think of the rest. Remove those words from the left, and the right-wing would never have to debate again.

That right there, the legitimization of crap argumentation is the massive crime against humanity that the media have committed against the people of the world.

However, if you’ve paid attention to these pages, then you know that we’ve pretty much proven that racism is, really, a left-wing, problem.

The vote was apparently against the self-interests of the community in question, because the local Nissan plant was the major employer, and Nissan was against Brexit.

Interestingly, in the feature there was not one single solitary mention of anyone’s race  (beyond that of the people being interviewed to “prove” the point) except by one opponent of Brexit who said that everyone in his community “voted for Brexit for one reason only: racism.” That was it. The guy who said it was so incoherent, either through drink (the interview was in a bar) or lack of education or intellect, that the interviewer, one Frank Langfitt, had to repeat what the clown said so that you and I would understand it.

Forget for just a moment the appalling arrogance of this clown’s presumption that he could tell you and me what everyone in his community was thinking and feeling. A key component of leftist thinking is that they have the magical super power to read minds. A key tactic of leftist “debate” is to tell you what you’re really thinking or feeling, regardless of what you’re actually thinking.

Forget all that for a moment. The rest of the interviewees expressed only anxiety over an influx of muslims into their community, and how that was threatening their English identity.


Against the backdrop of a steady drumbeat of atrocities on the mainland of Europe, each having the one common element of: Islam, can anyone tell me why a worry over muslim immigration anywhere in the world is at all irrational?

No one, not one single interviewee,  expressed any worry whatsoever about any threat to their race. All expressed a worry about a threat to their national sovereignty; a perfectly logical worry.

Furthermore no one in the interview expressed any concern whatsoever about immigration from anywhere in the world. It was all about muslim immigration. One could conclude from the interview only that such  worry would be absolutely undiminished if the color of muslims’ skin were as lily-white as could be.

From NPR’s story you could imagine the interviewees being black, brown, white, yellow or any other color under the sun, but still worried about … muslims. Muslims commit atrocities. Lots and lots of them. No, not all muslims, but lots and lots and lots and lots of them. Still more — significant numbers  around the world — muslims support such atrocities.

With no mention of race whatsoever — except by the one incoherent opponent of Brexit — Langfitt finished off his piece by saying something to the effect that, “Opponents of Brexit were worried about losing their white identity.

— xPraetorius


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