NPR Watch – 12/28/16 – NPR Obsessions

National Public Radio has several obsessions. Their vision of the world is pinched, crabbed… tunnel-vision. They care about only the following:

  1. Race, race, race, race, and more race. The Race Grievance Obsession. Black Americans are, for NPR, only mono-dimensional, cardboard cut-out figures. If black people accomplish something it can be only as a result of overcoming crushing racism from white people. At NPR, Black people can never be simply … people.
  2. Sex/gender/sexism. The Feminist Grievance Obsession. The Trans Grievance Obsession. Same thing for women at NPR. They’re flat, caricatures of actual women. If they accomplish something it’s only because they had to overcome crushing sexism from men. Same goes for the Gender-Weirdism Industry, currently on the wane, but once enjoying a meteoric ascent in America. People who think they’re one, or several, of some 57 or so possible “genders” can accomplish things only in the context of overcoming crushing discrimination and hostility from, generally, men. At NPR, women, gays, gender weirdists, etc., can never be simply … people. In this way, an author is never just an author, but rather a “gay author.” Or a “female author.” Or a “transgender author.”
  3. Pop culture — specifically movies, movies and more movies. And only movies that somehow support the above narratives in the movie plots themselves, or in the story of the person/people who made the movie.
  4. Indie Music.” And again, only that music which shows deeply oppressed people — black people, women, transies, brown people, gays — being innately wise, sensitive and perspicacious. This obsession is in support of NPR’s overarching, primary desire, as stated in #6, below.
  5. Books. But, again, only those books whose authors support the above narratives in their work. I doubt the name Tom Clancy has ever been mentioned on National Public Radio.

And finally, the vast, overarching desire at NPR that fuels all the above obsessions:

  1. The appearance of vast learning, wisdom and enlightenment. NPR is obsessed with appearing “coolly professorial.” It’s why they’re leftists. Because leftism is “cool,” with all the cool people. NPR personalities all desperately want to be the Robin Williams character in “Dead Poets’ Society.” They speak in a calm, reflective way so as to support this appearance, and they’re prone to outbursts like: “But, sub-atomic particles just don’t behave that way, right?” — followed by a laugh that says, “See? I know all about the behavior of sub-atomic particles!” NPR personalities and writers are really insecure.

A quick example of the NPR Feminist Grievance Obsession: Yesterday or the day before, they did a feature on a woman who had recently died. The woman was Vera Someone-or-other, and she had been an astrophysicist. NPR interviewed a colleague, a woman, to obtain a tribute to the deceased scientist.

The feature ended up being 5% science — which itself was really interesting, since, if I understood correctly, the woman identified “dark matter” — and 95% whining about how beset the late astrophysicist was by sexism in her life and work.

Five percent actually interesting feature, and 95% — Yawn!. Five percent substance, and 95% leftist cant, which anyone with any experience at all with NPR has heard over and over and over and over and over again. Which , right there, sums up National Public Radio pretty well.

One more thing about the NPR piece: the woman being interviewed had a full, rich whine about all the sexism in America. In that whine, she mentioned how “the last time the Nobel Prize for Physics went to a woman was over fifty years ago!

Well. Really? Set aside the fact that the Nobel Prize for anything is not decided in America. Surely all the crushing sexism of which  Vera Someone-or-other was a downtrodden victim, was significantly worse half-a-century ago, no?

Or, as we’ve documented in these pages, the whines of feminism in the western world have always been largely imaginary in the first place.

— xPraetorius


4 thoughts on “NPR Watch – 12/28/16 – NPR Obsessions

  1. NPR is the equivalent of elite higher education in America. Everything you correctly point out here happens daily at the universities. I’d say they feed off each other symbiotically in a freaky sort of way.

    Another great post x, keep em coming. Happy New Year to you!

    1. Many thanks, Tricia! Great observation about the NPR-Higher “education” link!

      I hadn’t made that connection, but you are so right! There it is right in front of my eyes.

      No one want to appear cooler than the American professoriate! And they all (No, not all of course, but so very, very many!) listen to NPR!

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

      And Happy New Year to you and yours! May 2017 be fantastically more love-, fun-, laughter-, joy-, wonderment-, fascination-, exultation-, blessings-filled than 2016! And may you enjoy many more such years, each outdoing the previous in all the above particulars!

      (Not trying to one-up your very gracious wish, but simply preparing my “Happy New Year” post, and running it past you. “) )


      — x

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