NPR Watch – (12-27-16) Jaime Harrison, South Carolina Democrat Party Chairman

National Public Radio (NPR) Interview with Jaime Harrison, Democrat Party Chairman in South Carolina. Interviewer: NPR host David Greene. Interviewee: Jaime Harrison. A black man (yes, it’s important to this essay), running to be chair of the national Democrat Party, to succeed the corrupt, inept Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. During the interview, David Greene never once mentioned Harrison’s race.

Compare that with such an interview, had it been with a black Republican. You and I both know that the entire interview would have focused on his race:

  • Doesn’t Mr. Harrison worry about all that racism in the Republican Party?
  • What racism in the GOP did Mr. Harrison have to overcome in order to get to his position of leadership?
  • How will Mr. Harrison overcome the invisible but still very much present racism in the GOP, etc.?
  • And that would be the whole interview.

However, in interviewing him as a DEMOCRAT, not one single mention of Harrison’s race.

Why? Simple: the NPR state of mind is: the presence of black people in the Democrat Party is natural and normal, while the presence of black people in the Republican Party is aberrant, unnatural, impossible to comprehend. Black Americans are, they think,  alien to the Republican Party. Every NPR interview of a black Republican, or Conservative, that I’ve ever heard — and I’ve heard many — has been that way.

We’ve documented it well in these pages: the Democrat Party has the racism problem. Remember the Klan, segregation, Jim Crow? They, and their sordid legacies, are all Democrat Party products.

Furthermore, as we documented in a recent post (here), it’s plain that Democrats view black Americans as lesser people. But as lesser people fully absorbed into the Democrat Party. A Democrat Party that treats black people with nothing but contempt. (cf. for example, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, etc.)

National Public Radio — obsessed as they are with race — doesn’t mention the race of a black interviewee? Astonishing! It can be only because, they purposefully left it out.  Trust me — I’ve listened to the clowns on NPR for decades — if they interview a black man, and don’t mention his race, then you can be perfectly sure they absolutely planned to keep it out of the piece.

Remember the flip-side of this: you can be perfectly sure that any NPR interview of a black Republican can contain no substance whatsoever. Can’t be a serious piece of information.

We’ve said it in these pages many times before: You come out of any session with NPR “news(1)” either less– or worse-informed than you go in.

— xPraetorius


(1) We renamed NPR “news” programs: Fake News, long before the term was cool.


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