It’s Worth Repeating – For the Incoming Trump Administration

In this post here, we proposed the following thought exercise:

Do you think that ISIS and the rest of the gibbering baboons of islamist groups around the world just woke up one day and said, “Hey, I know… we’ll crucify some women and children! That’ll sure shock ’em in the west!”

Our point: These were people steeped in Islam. All their lives.

There’s no other religion in the world for which the acts: crucifixion, burning alive, beheading, burying alive — are anything but gruesomely grotesque atrocities.

It was already in their heads that the gruesome ideas of crucifixion, beheading, burning and burying alive women and children were not out of the question, but viable options.

We proposed the thought exercise in order to ask people to consider that it just might be Islam that is at the root of the world’s terrorism problems today.

No one wants to admit it, but the following is certainly true:

Muslims need to demonstrate how it is that, in light of those thousands of gibbering baboons who commit atrocities, and those millions around the world who support them,  that somehow Islam is not inconsistent with basic human decency.

I stand completely ready to hear from any muslims out there at all, that Islam is blameless, but none of them are speaking up.  Trust me, I’d have heard from them if they did.

To the incoming President: You must openly envision the possibility (your predecessor’s flaccidness made it obligatory) that it’s Islam itself that’s at the root of today’s problem with terrorism. As a result, you might need to demand that muslims renounce terrorism, or face the very real wrath of a rejuvenated United States military.

— xPraetorius



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