Happy New Year to All!

From all of us here at our small but increasingly influential think tank:

Happy New Year to you and yours! May 2017 be fantastically more love-, fun-, laughter-, joy-, wonderment-, fascination-, exultation-, blessings-filled than 2016! And may you enjoy many more such years, each outdoing the previous in all the above particulars!

This especially to The Great Tricia, The Great Mike, The Great IB, The Great Desdi, Arkenaten, Zande, Brotha Wolf, Abagond, Allallt, JMSabbagh, KIA, The Great Stephanie, The Great ColorStorm, The Great WiseBlooding, Genomega, The Wonderful Fr. Paul (he’d object to “great“), The Great Tom and Mrs. Quiner, Dak, The Great Belsbror, The Great Jeff and Ed, the Literary Lawyer, and so many more…

Please note: this is just a tiny smattering of the list of truly excellent internet bloggers, commentators, pundits, sages, philosophers and writers we’ve encountered since we started this blog a short five years ago. I’ve left some of you out of this sincere wish for 2017. It doesn’t mean that you’re not included, just that I had to get this out on a deadline. Believe me, you will receive mention in the future!

Some of you didn’t get a “The Great” designator. It has nothing to do with your relative greatness. 🙂 If you’re a congenial blogger, and we didn’t designate you as “great,” it’s only because we haven’t perused your work sufficiently to mark it as great. We’ll get there.

Some of you didn’t get the “great” designation because, well, you’re leftists. Simply put, greatness will always elude you until you release yourselves from the dark side. Until then, though, you’re simply wedded to really stupid beliefs. No matter how well you may express such flapdoodle as you usually express, you simply can’t achieve greatness that way.

We still wish you a wonderful, happy, fulfilling new year, and hope that such beneficence finally will convince you to liberate yourself from your idiotic thinking of today. 🙂

All the above-mentioned bloggers have played an important role in the meteoric, but really (quite intentionally) quiet ( 🙂 ),  rise of this blog from the private recorded thoughts of just one person, to the collected thoughts of more than twenty-five regular contributors — on this blog and others — whose insights have directly reached the desks, eyes and brains of world leaders in the sole remaining hyper-power, in super-powers and lesser powers around the world. Some of these insights have been personally delivered — as part of a daily briefing — to the above-mentioned prominent decision-makers.

Each of our contributors has had some unique insight into the world of today. His or her contribution, you can be sure, comes from someone who’s definitely — been there, and  subsequently … done that.

We don’t publish anything unless we consider the feature to be worthy to appear in front of the President or other leader.

You’ll notice probably that we included in our very sincere New Year wish, several bloggers with whom we’ve locked horns in recent times. We very much appreciated these interactions. We understand well, here at The Praetorian Writers’ Group, that we’re not The Holders of All Wisdom. So, we  demand of ourselves that we test, challenge, attack and re-test our own viewpoints against those who oppose us. Few on the left (we’re an unabashedly Conservative blog) have sufficient confidence in their own beliefs to stay with us. Some have hung in there, and we have wished them all the very best for 2017 as well.

So, Happy New Year to all! To every man, woman and child on the face of the earth! Each of you is a beloved child of a loving Father, and I hope that each of you turns your eyes, your heart, your mind and your soul, to your Father, so that you may know eternal life in eternal happiness.

The color of the wish at top is green, the color of fecundity. May your 2017 be filled with growth, increase …with ever more, greater, larger, more expansive, wider and fuller happiness …with understanding, wisdom … with peace; the peace that passeth all understanding. May that heavenly peace pervade every cell of your organism, filling you with an insatiable desire to love God and your fellow man, to comfort him, to uplift him, to console, succor, please and delight him.

May you know the love of God, and may He know of yours for Him. This day and ever more.

— xPraetorius









One thought on “Happy New Year to All!

  1. Well thanks for the mention and a very a blessed and Happy new Year to you as well! You’ve got a special place here with this blog and I look forward to much more thoughtful insight and from you in 2017.

    And yes, here is to the hope that Liberals will finally be liberated form their idiotic thinking but that jut may be pushing things a bit. Who knows though with God anything is possible.


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